I have become a much calmer person over the years. Nonetheless, the next time I hear the phrase "fiscal cliff" someone is going to need a doctor to remove my foot from their ass.

What great drama, right? A looming deadline! Partisan conflict! Battles of wills! High stakes! Yes, it promises to be every bit as exciting as that threatened government shutdown in Fall 2011, or any other Obama-vs-GOP Congress face-off. Boy I sure hope the two (equally weighted) sides can find "common ground" leading to "compromise." I wonder if a Gang of ____ "moderates" can guarantee us the most watered-down version of whatever actions are decided upon? Will the entire debate continue to take place in the framework of the unquestioned assumption that you and I need to "sacrifice" (or perhaps tighten our belts?) to pay for the money our government showers upon the military, financial sector, and highest income earners? Don't worry, I'm sure the Gang of Number will see to it that symbolic but meaningless tax increases are included to prove that we're sharing the pain.

Gosh, the whole thing is almost exciting enough to make me not give a single shit and hope that you will be kind enough to wake me when it's over.

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  • Can't wait until Oliver Stone's (yes, I know) Showtime series gets to this era… wait, they'll kill him first.

  • Middle Seaman says:

    Constantly punched by the amazing duo of Obama and Ryan makes me warm and comfy. If this continues 99% will be paupers and teh 1% will 100%. Music Maestro!

  • Ed: I think you need to take a step back and try to enjoy watching Republicans tie themselves in knots as they argue that the Bush tax cuts need to be extended forever. It was worth it just to watch Eric Cantor babble in circles on MJ yesterday. All that was missing was oatmeal dribbling down his chin.

    This will be much more exciting than 2011 when the GOP held a gun to the country's head and Obama folded like a cheap suit. (yawn) I think no deal will be reached, the Bush tax cuts will expire and in early 2013, Obama will offer up a tax cut package on income below $250 or $500K while looking McConnell, Boehner and Cantor in the eye and asking, "How you love me now, bitchez?"

  • c u n d gulag says:

    Same as it ever was: The people calling for others to tighten their belts, are always the ones wearing pants with expanding waistlines.

    Oh, and on top of being sick to death of the idiotic term "Fiscal Cliff," I also want to punch the face of the next politician and/or pundit who calls them "Entitlements," instead of what they are – "Earned Benefits."

  • Glancing at HuffPo and they're carrying on that Obama won't be defending the payroll tax. Huh? Good to see that they're doing their job by not *doing* their job. Either by paying attention in the first place or a quick search would tell them it was and always has been referred to as a "holiday". Idiots!

    @Rosies: let's hope he's found his balls this time. Far out, he should just tell them he'll see them next year and take an extended family holiday in HI. They'll be in less of a mood to play sillybuggers when their constituents (read the MIC) suddenly loose all their funding, and screaming at them to cut a deal any deal.

  • @ CU: of course they're entitlements. Just as you're entitled to withdraw *your* money from the savings account you've put *your* earnings into.

  • How did you do it, Ed? How did you get calmer over the years — what's your secret? The older I get, the less I can stand goddamn fools. I'm not even 40, and my wife already calls me a crotchety old man. Teach me your ways.

  • These idiots are trying to squeeze blood out of a stone.

    I worked with a housing program years ago, and the number of seniors that scraped by on $400-$1200 per month of Social Security was staggering. Without it, they would have nothing. These Senators need to step over to the other side of the tracks to gain a little perspective.

  • Perhaps one of the "Right-wingnuts" will suggest camps for all the citizens who lose benefits, where their needs can be more efficiently met. I wouldn't be too much in a hurry to try the showers though.

  • All to raise "revenue" and "save" money for a monetarily sovereign nation. Sheer idiocy. And please, do tell me about the need to avoid high interest rates on our "debt" and inflation. The debt/deficit is NOT THE GODDAMNED PROBLEM.

  • Rosiesdad nails it: There's a perverse joy to be found at the absurd attempts of the GOP to act as if they won they election. The claim of Cantor and Boehner that "Obamacare should be on the table!" is such a marvellously transparent instance of someone with a Jack-high hand at poker acting as if he has a full house that one has to marvel at the shamelessness. Democrats so rarely have an opportunity to laughingly swagger, but this showdown is one of those few times. (Of course, we've been here before, and been disappointed, so, you know, that.)

  • mel in oregon says:

    politics & voting are a great waste of time. why? look at the two parties, you have a tea party lead republican party that is close to the italy-german group of assholes we fought in ww2. the democrats? republican lite. & this shit has been going on for 40+ years. the people that thought obama would be any different from his first term, didn't bother to do their homework. his whole goddamn cabinet is from wallstreet. wake the fuck up! nader was barred from entering the debates in 2008. stein was arrested for trying to enter the debates in 2012. quit believing in a bullshit system that tells you it's a democracy!

  • I won't pretend I understand how the economy works in any kind of detail, and what it really means to have a national deficit, but I'm damn sure it's not as simple as your classic Dave Ramsian-style household budget. Unfortunately, as we lumber towards the gentle fiscal slope, the shrill cry of our national panic will only increase. Sigh…

  • sluggo – you don't understand. They don't give a rat's ass.

    Brian – you're right.

    mel – thank you for your ever-so-useful contribution.

    fitley – my lovely wife just informed me that someone on Stphanie Miller's show called the fiscal bluff – which is, of course, perfect.


  • I am intrigued by GOP members encouraging the party to take the Obama deal. Are they just silly enough to buy the hype? Do they realize it's BS and want to put it behind them? Are they trying to make a break from Uncle Grover's windowless van?

    The "fiscal cliff" is a manufactured problem existing strictly as a political football. We have gotten so used to politics as a sporting event that we forget the battling teams were actually hired to sit down and work at their jobs — not play politics in the field behind the factory.

    Politics is like diplomacy: you can only really do your job after you stop shouting at your opponent to go shit in his hat, and he stops telling you he'll see you in hell before working with you to resolve the problem. The job ITSELF is to resolve the problem, not shout DIE YANKEE SCUM and run behind a different rock.

  • mining city guy says:

    I am a lurker at this site but I wanted to endorse what Brian said and what Mel said and, necessarily, what JazzBumpa said.

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