On April 18, 1930 the BBC opened its radio broadcast by stating, "There is no news today" followed by piano music for a few hours.

Sometimes silence is better than adding to the cacophony.

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  • This nothing. Is it nothing?! Or is it something?! Tune in at 6, for our special in depth analysis!!

  • Number Three says:

    "There is no news today" is an interesting statement. I guess it means that "We don't have a news report today", not that nothing happened today. Hard to imagine in this day and age? I turn on NPR, and they don't have any news? Oh, no, I can imagine that.

  • anotherbozo says:

    "Today I Wrote Nothing," a collection of absurdist stories by the self-named Russian Danil Kharms from the Soviet era. Recommended.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    It's too quiet around here.

    Here's some cacophony – and lot of it.
    You expected maybe I should be brief and to the point, for once?

    "bb" asked me to define something yesterday.
    But I had a lot to do yesterday (for a change), and didn't get a chance to respond until this morning.
    I also posted this same word-turd comment on yesterday's post just now – but I know only a few of us losers ever check the previous day's post, so I figured I'd poop on this morning's "NPF" post:

    Sorry I'm not responding until now. I had some things to do that took up my entire afternoon and evening.

    You asked about my definition of "Dominionist Christian Evangelicals," since I use that term frequently.
    My take is as follows:
    A sect of "Christianity" which believes it is THE ONE, true, unique, and righteous, group/denomination, which is, out of all other religions, even of the other followers and sects of Jesus – the one and only son of the one and only true God – to have "dominion" over this world.

    They believe that, at any and all costs, they need to "evangelize" their version of the words of their "One True Lord and Saviour" to all four corners of the world.
    Their goal is to gain "dominion" over the world and all of its people. All of the followers of other heathenous religions – even other heretical sects of Christianity – must be force to bend to the will of their version of "The Word of God"
    And that any all means to accomplish that "dominion" are acceptable, because the Lord only cares for the ends, NOT the means.
    Their version of "The Word," must prevail.

    The world is there for their taking, and for them to have "dominion" over that world, all of it's people, their governments (especially here, in the US, since, apparently, they believe that God and Jesus had a hand in forming this "exceptional" "Christian" country – never mind that pesky 'seperation of church and state thingie), and all of the worlds resources, which Jesus and his Father, God, have granted them.

    And that it doesn't matter if they deplete all of the resources of this world, and pollute it to the point of the near, or total, extinction of all of the flora and fauna on it – even people, since it is God's will that they have dominion.

    And that nothing matters, because in the end, God and his Son will come, and save the righteous few – them – and bring them to a better world – Heaven – for all eternity.
    And that the rest will be left on this planet to suffer brutally until they die, and then will suffer the agonies of Hell for all eternity, for being either heathens, heretics, or non-believers.
    In other words, for not being a part of "them."
    For not believing them.
    And, especially, for ostracising them.

    So sayeth the Bible – at least as they they're told by the grifters at the front of their church.
    Of course, there are several different grifters out there, grifting their own version of this – so that there's no ONE true group of Dominionist Christian Evangelicals.
    Just a lot of mislead believers – aka: fools, marks, suckers, rubes, morons, idiots, and imbeciles, who are willing to listen to whichever grifter is dearer to their heart, or nearer to where they live, or has the best TV show or channel. The most important thing to the grifters at the front of the church, is to have the mislead believers tithe a portion of what little they have.*

    *And many of these grifters are out there promoting "Prosperity Theology," or the "Prosperity Gospel" to their mislead followers.
    In that version of Dominionist Evangelical Christianity, God and Jesus reward the true faithful with wealth – and that neither care anything for the poor.
    And that the more the mislead believers believe, and especially, tithe, the sooner they'll be wealthy, and right with their Lord.
    And if they're not wealthy yet, well, it's either because they're not faithful enough, or not tithing enough.
    Hey, grifters gotta grift!
    And there's NO greater grift, than the grift of eternal salvation – and the total humiliation and suffering, for all of eternity, of those who don't believe in the same things YOU do!

    In other words, it's not about "Love," God's or man's – it's all about "Hate" – of those who don't think YOU should have dominion over everyone, and everything.


    Have a great weekend all!

  • "Sometimes silence is better than adding to the cacophony. "

    Get ahold of yourself, Ed – that's crazy talk.

  • @cund gulag

    In the preaching biz, they would say that you have the gift of 'continuation.' :-)

    Peace & Luv


  • Not a cop out. Very zen and I like it. Sometimes everyone, even information outlets, need to remember that it's okay to shut the fuck up for a while.

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