Shockingly, the Hobby Lobby decision was followed almost immediately by other organizations lining up to seek "conscience" based exemptions from laws they happen to dislike. I for one never saw that coming. Who could have imagined that setting a dangerous precedent would create a mindset among religiously motivated groups that they are now free to pick and choose which laws they will exempt themselves from.

Oh, and in response to all of the claims that the ruling was "narrow", the Court on Tuesday "ordered lower courts to rehear any cases where companies had sought to deny coverage for any type of contraception, not just the specific types Hobby Lobby was opposed to." Thank god. I was worried for a second there.

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55 Responses to “UNFORESEEABLE”

  1. buckyblue Says:

    @Xynzee: totally agree. I've said it before that in '96, the best republican won. And I helped get him there. Hillary would do the exact same thing, if not worse. The fact that she comes out and says what she said, parroting republican talking points, will make me work harder for anyone but her. She is a DINO, or probably more closely, a RWON, republican without the name. Or, a conservative that believes in choice and gay marriage, but is with them on the important economic issues. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, my dream ticket.

  2. democommie Says:

    "Perhaps you people forget that Democrats had a strong majority in congress after Obama was elected."

    Do you take pills to get that level of naivetĂ©? Obama's "super majority" quickly became a typical democratic run house–it splintered into factions. The beauty and the darkness of the GOP is their ability to FORCE their members to toe the line or face being taken down by their own people. Not that the democrats are incapable of that level of infighting, but its a long time feature of the GOP.

    Obama had NO chance of getting anything like single payer out of the House, never mind becoming law. Not then, not now.

    For all of those who won't vote for whoever the dems run in 2016: You think it can't be worse?

  3. dianne Says:

    I keep wondering how the pro-lifers can reconcile their own past use of the IUD with the court's decision saying that the IUD causes abortion. Who knew?
    At the very least, they will have to re-do the signs they wave in front of Planned Parenthood.