It's time to tiptoe into the world of merchandising (posters and stickers aside) with some super-hip t-shirts like all the kids wear these days. Zazzle runs a tad pricey, but there are sales weekly. Any clothing purchase by midnight today (Tuesday) is 30% off with the lamentable code "SUMMERSTYLEZ".


Here's a direct link to customize and order your very own Gin and Tacos shirt, available in a range of colors and t-shirt styles (prices vary) if this bleak gray doesn't do it for you.

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  1. Jex Says:

    You make money off these, right?

  2. John Danley Says:

    Summerstylez sum coffee mugz, up in here.

    I've been waiting for G&T coffee mugs longer than I've been waiting for Kissinger to die.

  3. E* Says:

    For the ladies and the generally womanly shaped folk: Lest you think that Ed is a sexist bastard when only the men's styles pop up at the link, select the tiny "see all styles" link under all of the colors for a myriad of other options.

    Ed might still be a sexist bastard, but his t-shirt options will never reveal it.

  4. Middle Seaman Says:

    Et tu, Ed?

  5. Kevin Says:

    I want a shirt that says "DOPAMINE'S ONLY NATURAL PREDATOR", and a coffee mug.

  6. sluggo Says:

    I want a shirt that says Opiate of the Asses.

  7. Jessica Says:

    No women's sizes? Seriously? I'm so super bummed.

  8. c u n d gulag Says:

    As big as I am, I should get paid for wearing someone's t-shirt!

  9. Amanda Says:

    Shouldn't it have the website on there someplace?

  10. Emerson Dameron Says:

    The red one is already out of stock.

  11. mothra Says:

    Heh. Once you start servicing the customers, the customers get all up in your grill. That being said, I'm all about the magnet. Can I customize the t-shirt to turn into a magnet (other than sewing magnets into the t-shirt, that is…)?

  12. nate Says:

    Hugh: I know this is what they think people like me think, so I hate thinking it, but I just find myself thinking that they're from a different fucking species. You know, with their t-shirts and weird trousers and tabards. Why do they wear clothing with writing on it? And why are they so fat?