I make an effort to limit this kind of request or reminder, because nobody wants to read a hundred pleas per year for the kinds of things a dude with a website is supposed to request. I appreciate your patience with the following paragraphs. I don't maintain this site for financial reward, and I hate creating the impression that you're expected to pay for the privilege. You certainly are not. Not even a little. But if you happen to feel the urge to be generous, here are some options.

1. If you haven't already, follow G&T on the ol' Facebox. There's more to it than a bunch of links to posts. It's a little heavier on humor and lighter on politics compared to this site. And I'm supposed to, like, try to boost traffic and build a base of readers and all that shit. So do it.

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2. Speaking of, even though traffic has increased consistently over the years the site remains and will remain free of advertisements. If you have to ask why, you must be new. In lieu of advertisements you have to put up with the following few paragraphs once per year.

You can do nothing and continue to enjoy the site for free. This is called "free riding", and it's an entirely rational behavior. I have done (for eleven years!!) and will continue to do this every day whether I make a million bucks, nothing at all, or I have to pay out of pocket for the privilege.

You can use this tip jar / donation link to contribute an amount of your choosing to defray the costs of this site. If you happen to be saddled with extra cash and feel like donating fifty bucks, I will be extremely grateful. However, if donating fifty cents is more in line with your current budget, my gratitude will be no less. If zero cents is your preferred option, that's A-OK too. Your tips and contributions are (obviously) voluntary but greatly appreciated. Either way I'm glad you're here and I appreciate you.

3. Ed finally got around to getting coffee mugs like everyone always requested. Customize your own here (Zazzle isn't shy about big discounts). There is also the not quite as popular but equally spectacular Gin and Tacos t-shirt with the lovable slogan, "Dopamine's Only Natural Predator", on the reverse. If you're so inclined, knock yourself out. I also have some bumper stickers available to your right on the "Buy Stuff" link.

For those of you who contributed money to the book project I proposed over the summer, I'll be updating everyone on that matter shortly. And trust me that this post felt as awkward to write as it must have been to read.


  • I'm in, happily. You make me think thoughts, man. Contact info at paypal is showing an indiana.edu addy. I assume you wish it so.

  • Happy New Year Ed. Sorry, I don't do PayPal or FB, but would be glad to send a few shekels to a physical. As for FB, I haven't the time, nor do I have interest in being another product in Zuckerberg's empire. Keep rolling out your thoughts; all your loyal readers rely on you.

  • Comment rewrite: Screw PayPal and Shucker Burger or whatever his name is. Keep writing.

    See, the new year has already deteriorated.

  • Zazzle very cool site. Got a G&T shirt and modified it to look like a jersey. Milgram and the number 17 on the back.

  • I can't wait for your book. Or your update telling us you've taken the money and fucked off to somewhere better than Peoria, like Des Moines.

  • Couldn't do much, but wanted to show my support, even as a new fan. Keep up the great work and wry humor.

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