You've gotta love Fox News, bless their little hearts.

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They sure are trying. You can imagine how silly they must feel writing headlines like "Cruz stays in the Republican presidential fight by quietly scoring delegates." They probably drink themselves to sleep in the tradition of Soviet propagandists who just faked another set of economic reports for the 7th Five Year Plan.

20 thoughts on “BEDFELLOWS”

  • Fox New editors respond: "Look, the important thing is…"

    And as they trail off, and see, in the middle distance, things which ought not to be seen and which they realize are INSIDE OF THEM now, you back out of the room slowly and plan donating to several charitable causes just in case any of the karma stank in that room infected you.

  • mattius3939 says:

    The Fox news article didn't make sense to me. Here's the second paragraph:

    Cruz won 19 of 20 delegates at the Maine GOP convention. The Texas senator won the state’s GOP caucus last month and was supposed to get 12 delegates, with nine going to second-place finisher Trump and two going to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who finished in third, according to Maine GOP Gov. Paul LePage.

    1. Did Cruz win 19 delegates from Maine, or 12? 2. If Cruz won 19 delegates, how did he do so a month later? 3. Is that the point of the article – that this primary is in some kind of quantum state, where Cruz is both the leading delegate holder and trailing in delegates?

  • @mattius3939: It's not a terribly well-written paragraph. But the key words are:

    according to Maine GOP Gov. Paul LePage

    because LePage is not the boss of who gets the delegates. In LePage's interpretation, Cruz was entitled to 12; but instead he got 19, apparently by clever manipulation of the caucus rules.

  • And to be clear, it looks as if delegate allocations are not finalized until some time after the caucus, by some arcane procedure I can't be bothered to find out. I may be a presidential politics obsessive, but goddammit I have my limits.

  • Also, never believe anything that Governor LePage says. If you think it's not possible to be a worse human being than Trump or Cruz, read some news from Maine these days.

  • @mattius3939 – Delegate selection rules vary by state. When the press reports that candidate X won such and such number of delegates, what they actually mean (for the GOP anyway) is that candidate X won a certain number of delegates who are required by the party rules to vote for that candidate on the first ballot.

    But the selection of who the delegate is is important too. In theory in many states the candidates get to pick the delegates, but in practice the party picks them via various procedures. What is being reported here is that Cruz's people packed the party delegate process so that even though he won 12 delegates via the primary rules, he got 19 of "his" people as delegates to the convention. So Trump will still get his 9 votes from Maine on the first ballot, but on the second ballot the presumption is that Cruz will be getting at least those 19 votes from Maine.

    Basically if Trump doesn't put this away before the convention there's a good shot he won't be the nominee at all. Because Cruz has been able to get so many of his people into position it could go from Trump being 10 votes short on the first ballot to Cruz being the one who is 10 votes short on the second ballot – or even Cruz winning on the second ballot.

  • @Jimcat; what is it with the Republicans all in a fierce competition to see who can be the most appalling? Also, Republican women are all adopting the Sarah Palin nasal whine, consonant-cutting speech impediment, at least in my area (where that's not even the local accent at all) along with the idea that no politician is any good (in their case, I believe it).

  • Henry Schump says:

    I think the KGB came up with the economic reports for the CIA's benefit. The Politburo's problem was that they believed those numbers right along with the CIA.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    When the GREAT Charles Pierce calls Gov. LeP-U an ' empty human bowling jacket,' that's an insult to even the ugliest, most worn-out old bowling jacket.

    He's a barely human sewer.
    And I suspect that raw sewage is smarter and more empathetic than he is!

  • "They probably drink themselves to sleep in the tradition of Soviet propagandists who just faked another set of economic reports for the 7th Five Year Plan."

    I like that you are optimistic enough that you think they have any any shred of decency left. Their salaries inoculated them against self-awareness long ago. They now cheerfully spew the economic reports of the 7th Five-Year Plan, because their checks keep clearing.

    Fox News is the Vichy Media, fully bought and paid for by Der Murdoch, under the auspices of his Minister, Roger GobAiles.

    "Zey haf vays of makink you vote…"

  • As I contemplate Battle of the Plutocrats 2016 Clintonzilla versus Trumporaptor I increasingly believe there's something to be said for the seven fifths plan.

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