At long last, you can finally show the world how important regular visits to The Clurb are in your life. If you are not familiar with The Clurb you must not be following Gin and Tacos on Facebook, which is your loss. Due to popular demand I'm offering the following Swag (as the kids probably no longer say) featuring a campaign-inspired design inviting everyone to follow you to The Clurb.

These stylish t-shirts show the world that you're on your way to The Clurb AND on the reverse side (not pictured) invites said world to "Dance Up On Me." Gin and Tacos is not responsible for any Dancing Up On that occurs as a result of these cotton-poly blend Canvas brand t-shirts screenprinted (no cheap transfers) in vibrant color in Ohio, USA by Screenin' Fever. Unisex / Men's shirts in athletic/heather gray are $20 plus a small shipping fee and, since women earn 79% of a man's salary for the same work in this country, Women's fit V-Neck shirts (also by Canvas in heather gray) are $17. Click for Canvas sizing guides for unisex and women's v-neck shirts. Click the image to order, or here to see a slightly larger version of the shirt. (Note: as of the date of this post this is a PRE-SALE, since I have no idea what sizes and quantity are in demand. Shirts will arrive to you no later than Oct. 30)

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BUT WAIT. THERE'S MORE. We have these lovely bumper stickers in UV-resistant vinyl from the fine folks at Sticker Robot. 9" x 2". Guaranteed to get you followed by strangers intrigued by the mysteries of The Clurb. $4.50 (shipping included in the US, with a $2 surcharge for non-US shipping). Slap one on your car, your guitar case, your genitals, or literally anywhere solid. Here's a full sized image, or click the sticker below to purchase via PayPal.

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Can you do any less than order one now? Finally you'll have a garment suitable to be married in!

14 thoughts on “CLURB GEAR”

  • Parrotlover77 says:

    SADNESS: PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller's website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem.

    Also, it took me about two minutes ot realize "click the sticker below" meant the "follow me to the clurb" sticker and not a button that says something like "BUY NOW, FOO"

  • Emerson Dameron says:

    Facebook, like alcohol, is an all-or-nothing proposition for me, and I'm generally better off with nothing.

    I have heard from second-hand sources that you have really mastered the platform, and I hate missing out. What are the odds of adding an FB Greatest Hits page to the main site?

  • Parrotlover77 says:

    @Ed – PayPal is working now. Whether you did anything or not, take credit for it like you fixed it.

    @Emerson – Bruh, you are missing out on so much. I don't know how you can survive the election season without G&T Facebook and/or more alcohol than can safely be consumed.

  • I'm on a hiatus from FB due to gut-wrenching disgust over the socio-political spewings of some of my "friends" (and I'm just sick of people in general). So I went back over a few weeks of G&T posts see what I could learn about Clurb, but found nothing but two instances of the above. Someone do a fella a solid and clue me in.

  • Shipped outside U.S. does not work; no matter what you select, when you get to PayPal, the shipping is $3.00 (shipped to U.S.) and there is no way to change it.

  • Hi Ed,

    We got off on the wrong foot quite a while back. Quite frankly I was being a dick for being a dick's sake and you blocked me from the Facebook page. I would appreciate a second chance to not be a dick. Same name on FB.


  • Emerson Dameron:
    You can just look at the G&T FB page–or at least some of it. I am also refusing to participate in the book of Face, but have been able to look at the G&T page.

  • "a garment suitable to be married in"..? No way. Why would I tie myself down with marriage when — as soon as my swag arrives — they're all finally gonna start dancing up on me?

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