The classic 3×5 stickers, which sold out a few months ago, are back in stock if you feel like you can part with $3.50. Clurb t-shirts are also being replenished – honestly I had no idea that more than about five people would want one – and will ship as soon as I receive the new order shortly.


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3 Responses to “RETURN OF THE MACK”

  1. vegymper Says:

    I want this as a poster. E.g. size 1,5 ft by 2,5 ft or so. You can charge me and send the high definition file to be printed wherever.

  2. Interrobang Says:

    Someone I know posted a photo of themselves on FB the other day with their Clurb shirt on! :) Too awesome!

    I may need to order a sticker. You ship to Soviet Canuckistan, right?

  3. Rory W Says:

    Saw this today and immediately thought of you, Ed.

    Vandals turn Soviet-era star into SpongeBob's Patrick Star