Yeah, in light of last week I think it's appropriate to turn this into a t-shirt. Same drill as The Clurb t-shirts (which necessitated a second print run, and are available again in all sizes). Canvas brand, screenprinted (no print on demand BS), no text on the reverse side this time, women's v-neck and men's/unisex crew neck available. Simple. Black. Bleak. Let everyone know how you feel. Let everyone know your favorite blog. Because that's an important thing to let people know, obviously. Canvas sizing guides for unisex and women's v-neck shirts. The quality on the Clurb shirts and the screenprinting were both great, so these won't fall apart or fade after one wash. Black hides tears, too.

Once again this is a PRE-ORDER and it will probably take two-three weeks to get them in my hands once I order them. Since I'm not a big box store, I have to do the pre-order thing to get a rough idea of how many you guys actually want. Otherwise I would be guessing and end up with way too many or not enough. The good thing is that once they're in my hands they'll be in yours in two or three days. I appreciate your understanding and patience.


Choose size and style

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  1. TheOtherHank Says:

    I would like to purchase one of these as well as a Clurb tshirt. But I can't find a link anywhere to order the Clurb shirt. Help!

  2. TheOtherHank Says:

    Nevermind. I are a idiot

  3. c u n d gulag Says:

    In keeping with Hair (sic) Furor (sicker) and and his band of bigoted, stupid, and ignorant thugs "philosophies'", how about a line of long-sleeved brownshirts, too?
    With arm bands, of course!

    And then a line of spiffy of full-length black leather coats?
    With silver pins on the collars of the letters "ST" (SturmTrumpers) ?

  4. verbal Says:

    I better order the large, since I'm definitely going to be gaining weight with all this despair-eating.

  5. mothra Says:

    Me like. Me want.

  6. JustRuss Says:

    " I appreciate your understanding and patience."

    You don't actually read the comments here, do you Ed?

  7. Kev Says: