After holding out for about a decade, I gave up and joined Twitter this week.
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Here I am on the Twitters. Follow me on the Twitters. Am I doing this right?

Also, the "None of this is OK" t-shirts have shipped, and I have a scattered half dozen still available (men's and women's XXL included). Submit to peer pressure and buy one. Be one of the lucky remaining few.


  • I will succumb to peer pressure when my peers succumb to my panhandling!

    You really should get oneathe online t-shirt and other shit fulfillment hook-ups, goin'. If I want oneayer shirts, I click on a widget and it takes me to a marketing site with your overlay.

  • Well, OK. That's worth signing on to Twitter for. I hope they're not terribly disappointed that I refused to upload my contacts or accept the 139 recommended accounts to follow. Guessing I lead a dull life, as it was only 139.

  • I wonder how they would deal with constant streams of tweets that were just masturbatory self-aggrandizing bullshit–if you weren't the Putainative LEEDUR of the free world?

  • Greg Bissky says:

    Just bought (I think) a t-shirt, but may have bought three. I live in Taiwan and the translated websites often f up. Don't know if the sale went through, so of course I hit Send three times just to be sure.

    Truly hope this doesn't screw you up.

  • HoosierPoli says:

    The advantage of Twitter is that I control exactly what I see – no algorithm decides whether or not to show me what a person that I'm following posts.

  • The disadvantage to twitter is that if you enter a comment in a popular thread, your name gets carried along with 50 others into random branches of that conversation. Your notices become completely useless.

    One of the really useful filters available is to ignore anyone with a new account–you know, yourself.

  • John M. from Ct. says:

    No interest in Twitter, but thanks for asking.

    As your funny intro says, why would I want a character-count limit in writing about something I'm interested in?

    HoosierPoli does make a good point about a certain social media site's infamous model of limiting or redirecting what you hear from your actual friends in favor of keeping up a steady stream of mediocre, ad-oriented updates on people you don't know and trends you don't care about.

    But that's not a reason to add to the frustration I feel I would get from Twitter's apparently deliberate lack of depth

  • Twitter? I still haven't mastered Facebook for Dummies. Unlike blogs and mailing lists, those social sites are just too hard to follow. My little brain would just bust.

  • PrairieBear says:

    I set up an account during OWS to follow the OWS Library, the original one at the OWS mother site in Manhattan. Then Bloomberg had it scooped up and dumped into the landfill and things got pretty quiet. I occasionally see a twit that somebody made that is truly clever or funny, but it's maybe 1 in 1000, give or take. Anytime I try to follow an extended twitter exchange of some kind, I soon find myself puzzling over what seems to me to be a random, indecipherable stream of hyper-referentialy looping gibberish. Good luck with it.

  • The trick with Twitter is finding the right sort of accounts to follow. It's not a great medium for two-way conversations with strangers, but there are other things you can do:

    * cute animals. Accounts like Fluff Society & WeRateDogs will improve your timeline immensely

    * weird brand communication. Everybody from Wendy's to the Church of Satan is on there, and some actually manage to make it fun (those two both succeed).

    * microfiction. There are a LOT of these now; this stuff actually exploits the very short nature of tweets to narrative effect. Some of my favorites are ApprovedNews6 and North of Reality – the former could be described as "Breaking News from Someplace Worse", while the latter is timeless but weird.

  • I, too, just joined twitter about a month ago. I only follow about 20 people (and now you, Ed) who are mostly news-type people. I have no interest in getting followers so never post myself, although I do sometimes reply to a tweet.

    What I've found is that it's a great morning survey of what's going on, especially with the shitgibbon. I can quickly read through the 100 or so tweets that have accumulated over my nighttime, get a feel for what's happening, and then read more in depth at my leisure on FB and my usual sources.

    To my surprise, I actually like it.

  • Not about Twitter, but a quote from today's NY Times:

    "Last week a new Pew Research Center poll showed that a majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents now believe that colleges and universities–the flash point of our current culture wars–have a negative effect on the country."

    Am I reading this right? Republicans are against… colleges.


  • I do not do Twitter. I am not going to do Twitter. I am luckier than you in that I do not have people urging me to use Twitter. There is nothing I see in Twitter that I think is good.

  • @April:

    I get up in the morning and get my morning news by looking out the window.

    if HERE is still HERE I know that the nattering knucklehead of non-intellectualism has NOT tweeted an order to nuke somebody, yet.

  • Demo -I can't see muriica from my house, so I read the news to see if YOU haven't been nuked yet!

    big grin

  • seniorscrub says:

    demo @ 3:04
    Nice channeling of your inner Spiro Agnew! Now two brown bombers and a dose of salts should flush it out of your system toot sweet!! :)

  • Welcome to Twitterworld. I will follow you. You might want to follow Postcards from the Past and 70's Dinner Party. Like Matt says, there is some funny stuff on Twitter worth looking at. Rude Pundit is also satisfying all the time on Twitter. Like he is on his blog, actually.

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