"Freakish, embarrassing, and all too short." That's Matt Taibbi's summation of the tenure of Anthony Scaramucci in the White House. Last week ("American Heroes Week"!

) may have felt like a millennium, but if you can believe it Mooch has only been on the job for something like eight days.

Taibbi's observation is well-phrased but by no means a bold prediction. My reaction to seeing this Mario Cantone with Bone-itis cosplayer for the first time was, "Can we just skip ahead to the part where he's fired?
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" Whatever thrill there was in watching these people crash and burn is gone; this isn't fun anymore.

If Scaramucci matters, it is as an indication of Trump totally throwing in the towel. Not that he intends to quit or anything, but he appears to be done trying even in the quarter-assed way he may have been attempting to create the illusion of being Serious. This is the kind of person you hire when you not only intend to stop trying, but when you don't particularly care to hide the fact that you are done trying.

The goal at this point appears to be to make this coke-fueled vaudeville act so utterly idiotic that Americans check out altogether, at which point Trump can resume his plans to crash this plane into the side of a mountain so he and his friends can collect on the insurance policy. The journalists who are professionally obligated to cover this all day, every day are going to need treatment for PTSD if this goes on for four years.
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Watching news and following politics has never been a great joy for most people. It's more of a thing one does because it's good for you, like jogging or eating cauliflower.

Now it is getting to a point at which it is literally too inane to watch. That is not an accident. The point of Anthony Scaramucci is to make your urge to change the channel or close the browser overpowering the moment you see his idiot face or hear one syllable of his fifth-rate Joe Pesci impression. That is why his face is so punchable; the White House wants you to want to punch him. To hate him. To be so disgusted that you feel like you need to be pumped full of thorazine to watch 10 minutes of CNN. And above all they want you to look at Anthony Scaramucci and realize that just as it has gotten worse every day for six months now, it is only going to get worse as time goes on.

36 thoughts on “THROWING IN THE TOWEL”

  • It's interesting to chart the course of the mouthpieces across the few months we've had of Trump-as-President. Kellyanne Conway is replaced by Sean Spicer is replaced by Sarah H. Sanders is replaced by Anthony Scaramucci. We gotten progressively dumber and (with the arguable exception of Ms. Sanders) louder–which makes sense, because the dumber you are, the better you can pull off a credible state of denial over the series of explosions and animal howls emitting from the basement, and the louder you are, the better you can drown them out.

    I don't think this is a long-term plan, mind you–this White House is a non-stop ad-hoc-fest run by people trying to treat severed limbs with a used Tweety-Bird Band-Aid they rotate from wound to wound. There's no plan, here–but entropy charts a fairly consistent course over time.

    So look at that course we've charted with those four individuals, and extrapolate where we're headed. By the time someone finally leaks the President's finances (you KNOW it's going to happen eventually), it'll be a professional wrestler behind the podium.

    Assuming civilization persists–and it will, just, you know, not in a form any of us would be comfortable contemplating–historians at a sufficient enough remove will really, really enjoy studying and teaching this section of the American saga.

  • I recently cancelled my cable subscription, and am thus spared from CNN et al.; as such I rely on sites like Politico and CSMonitor for my daily dose of American political comedy. I'm Canadian, which means I feel equally entertained and frightened by this train wreck. I'm just waiting for Scaramucci to be replaced with Alex Jones. I will take that moment as my cue to build the bunker and wait for the apocalypse.

  • As bad as it is and it will get worse, much much worse we cant give up. Our republic is at stake. Like in 1861 this era will define what it means to be American

  • Steve Holt! says:

    The Mooch is def a sex scandal kinda guy, as in a whole bathtub full of Dom Perignon and underage prostitutes kind of sex scandal, but it is hard to say if that would get him fired from the Trump WH.

  • Maybe Trump is trying as hard as ever. It's just that he has so poisoned the well, this is what "trying" now looks like.

    Very few people with a shred of ability were willing to work for him in the first place. Now he's driving out the third-rate hacks, and has to fall back on fourth-rate specimens like Scaramucci.

  • Garrett Taylor says:

    To Steve Holt!
    The Mooch would get fired under those conditions if he failed to have Big Handed Don on the guest list.

  • Skwerlhugger says:

    To your post, this isn't a tactic. He's not playing 11-dimensional chess, or even 2-dimensional. He's playing tic-tac-toe and hasn't quite got the trick about the center box.

  • The only thing that keeps me attentive is the knowledge that out there in the cold dark, an iceberg named Mueller is slowly edging toward this pompous ship of state. By some unforeseen event, will we never have a collision? Everything suggests it's only a matter of time.

  • What Drew said. I am pleased to be living in a high value target city, so if there is a nuclear war, I am out first. Ciao, kiddos. It was fun while it lasted.

    I don't like that the WH Comms Director has a frat-boy nickname and looks like a skeezy frat boy, too. But it is everything Trump wants. Scaramucci is his id. All you can do is watch and shake your heads. We are living a performance of "The Aristocrats" now.

  • oh hahahahahahahahahah
    oh I can't breathe
    laughing too hard
    The Mooch has ben fired after only 10 days. Surely that's some sort of record for a WH appointee.

    Now I want to know what dirty Donnie has on Gen. Kelly to get him to join the dysfunctional minions in the WH. What sane and decent person would agree to be part of that??

  • This is fantastic. I didn't even have a chance to comment before he was fired. I'm morbidly curious how Faux News spins this as win for Trump.

  • The news reporter's comment on this story–"There was been no tweet from the president on Scaramucci's firing." OMG, I'm LOL'ing so hard.

  • Look at it this way: the louder and dumber this frat party becomes the safer we all are from Ryan and McConnell actually getting their way.

  • I too am looking for Mueller to come to the rescue. However with Russia killing off all of those that were involved in the hacking I'm not sure how far he will actually get. Following the money will hopefully uncover much of the skeevy dealings the liar-in-chief has been doing for years. Dare I say mega money laundering? We in NJ have felt the destruction he leaves in his wake when he bankrupted all his casinos failed to pay for the work done for him by small business owners, and stealing money from his employees who were stupid enough to put their retirement money in his hands.
    I just wish this would go faster. I can't stand much more of this hysteria.

  • Emerson Dameron says:


    You sure about that? I’m thinking the purpose of all this is to make everyone tune out and give up, except for the ones who love Trump. Voter apathy and low turnout are already crippling the Democrats, and that’s without 3 ½ more years of this shitshow + whatever new voter-suppression antics these guys have planned. They *want* us to say, “life is too short for this – I’m going to focus on Twin Peaks instead.” And it’s working.

  • c u n d gulag says:

    You don't need a scorecard to keep track of who's in and who's out in this circus.

    You need a speed-reading class!

  • There is an occassional "regular" at my local pub who had a minor role in "Sons of Anarchy". He is actually better known for being arrested, and bailed out by his father, for trying to drink and dash at another bar nearby. Anyway, he always manages to mention that he has an IMDB entry, to anyone who is foolish enough to talk to him, because he was on TV. For about 20 minutes.

    I see this in Mooch's future. 10 years from now he will be annoying those with short memories about his time in The Bigs.

  • Schmitt trigger says:

    And in the meantime, while we laugh at this 3 ring circus, the madman from Pongyang keeps going further and further towards achieving his nuclear tipped ICBM goals.

  • Scarymook may have been working for 10 days but he wasn't "scbeduled" to start until the 15th, so I'm guessing Trumpligulamygdala won't even have to stiff him–as he's not yet on payroll.

    @anotherbozo: (I'm posting this here as well as on the other thread I saw the same comment on, also,too)

    "Can someone tell the class how and why the offices of special counsel, special prosecutor and special specialness (Trumpligulamygdala) are likely to collide and whether that collision will be a horrific tragedy or addition by subtraction? Anyone? Anyone? Mueller?"

  • Is there any way I could convince people to stop it with the "parody" spellings of "Trump" and "Republican"? (Drumpf, Trumpligula; Repugnican, RepubliKKKan; etc)

    I also enjoy mocking the man and his party, but the parody spellings just make your posts harder to read.

  • Misterben:


    I can only speak for myself but the typing of his actual name, the actual name of the party that he hijacked (and which is now making Patty Hearst's, "Stockholm Syndrome" look like Biebsophilia) his various henchliches and others is retch-inducing. I type Trumpligulamygdala as both an instructional and insulting label. The man "thinks"–if one wishes to call it such–with ONLY his amygdala. It is apparent that he is assembling as many boot-licking, ass-kissing, scum-sucking sycophants as he possibly can (ethics, technical or other special skills, managerial competence,collegialty, moral character, dedication to the job at hand–not worthy of consideration).

    I will be more than happy to stop typing such labels, on the day when we return to some semblance of normalcy in U.S. politics and governance. In the meanwhile I will continue to do it as it's:

    A.) Fun
    B.) Cathartic
    C.) An exercise like meditation, reciting a mantra, chanting or saying a Novena (my mom was VERY big on those) that both focuses my attention on the odious bastards and…did I mention it's fun.

    I apologize in advance for continuing to do so.

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