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155 thoughts on “MAILBAG”

  • No-time listener, first-time caller. Who's gonna win the Stanley Cup? And who or what is gonna kill off the NFL, because it really does seem in decline.

  • What do you think is the most effective way to communicate your political and moral ideals to the younger generation? For example, how can you restore the positive idea of a labor union to a generation brought up believing that they are inherently evil?

  • Hi Ed,

    I’m a longtime reader. Thanks for all the work you do.

    When Madison designed the US Constitution, the federal government comprised institutions that gave some control to the voter, but at the same time reserved considerable power with the elites (e.g., indirect elections of senators and the president). Over time, these same institutions have trended towards more democratic and less elitist tendencies (17th amendment, a feckless electoral college system). The election of Trump by a misinformed electorate (now subjected to disinformation online) has made me concerned that democracy (i.e., a more democratic republic) is not the proper solution to the larger problems our nation faces in the decades to come. Is it possible to reverse this trend or is it as Plato suggested with his theory on regimes/governments, where a descent from aristocracy to tyranny is inevitable?

    – Dee from Texas

  • I will (hopefully) be teaching social studies to 6th-7th grade low income students at a Title I School soon. Since (fuck it) we’re all gonna die in a soon to be determined fiery angry orange apocalypse what do you recommend I tell the children?
    -Miriam, living in (but thank dear sweet imaginary baby Jesus not from) Texas

  • Why did the US recommend a different parliamentary system to Iraq when they rewrote their constitution when our winner-take-all approach has worked so well, wink wink nudge nudge? From Richard in Connecticut.

  • If you had to redo your life up to this point, why would you not go to grad school? -Why the fuck did I do this, from Texas

  • Just how far do you think the rollback to the Gilded Age will go? How durable are the progressive ideas that children should get educations rather than working, that old people should have SOME kind of support from the government in their dotage, etc? I mean, its pretty obvious that they'd drag us back to literally feudalism if they can (boy, must Hayek feel embarrassed NOW, huh?), but how far can they actually get? Thanks, Landon from Tulsa.

  • Some of your recent posts make it sound as if you have a bad relationship with your father. What is the old man like?

  • In class during the second term of the Bush Administration you gave a lecture during which you considered the ramminfications of a potential Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton/Bush presidency. Through two terms of Obama, and now Trump, both Hillary and Jeb have been avoided. The question is this: are we better off than we would have been if your vision (nightmare?) of an American monarchy had come to pass instead?

    Mike from Indiana

  • Two trains leave different cities heading toward each other at different speeds. When and where do they meet? Train A, traveling 70 miles per hour (mph), leaves Westford heading toward Eastford, 260 miles away. At the same time Train B, traveling 60 mph, leaves Eastford heading toward Westford. When do the two trains meet? How far from each city do they meet?

  • What kind of strengths do the republicans have? What can they rely on in the coming months? Years? I ask all this in regards to their ability to win elections

    The fact that our political system protects us from horrible autocrats like Trump has given me a great deal of faith in Government. (Capital g intended)

    With that in mind, it seems a given that the Republicans flat out refuse to govern and Democrats seem to give governing a bad rep. What can I point to as a way of showing my more liberal leaning friends that however inept the democrats may be, at least they try to fix things.

    Oh also,
    The republicans in a nutshell:

    The democrats:

  • I know "how did Trump get elected" has been done to death, but I haven't heard "how do we prevent obviously unqualified people from being elected in the future." Are there things Republicans could have actually done to stop him if they weren't spineless and devoid of principle? Should democrats worry about nominating an someone obviously unqualified, or do you think it's a problem unique to the right? It seems like getting rid of super delegates might be a step in the wrong direction (i think you made a related point in 2016). How can we safeguard our elections in the future to prevent this from happening again?

    Chris from Oakland

  • Are there any historical examples of authoritarian regimes coming to power but not being able to subvert the power of the state to secure their position? It seems like these things usually are successful, at least from the dictators point of view. Chris from Oakland

  • Firing the person investigating you, and then freely admitting you did it because he was investigating you, seems like an all time bone-headed move. Where does this rank historically among all time bad political moves?

  • Where does this end? I mean, what’s the real end game / bottom here? I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that the ruling party and class at present would not stop until we hit actual feudalism again. The opposition party is at Best inept and at worst subsidized by many of the same companies even if their heart on social issues is in a better place. The Gorsuch thing stands out to me as a fine example of their willingness to do anything. So really … what’s bottom here? He loses election in 2020 and doesn’t leave? He openly calls for violence against a domestic opponent?

  • The ascendance of a senile shit-flinging gibbon to the Presidency is one thing; the retreat from Western liberalism that he and his coterie of carney barkers represent isn’t just an American phenomenon. We saw this same gleeful, fuck-you-that’s-why rejection of bureaucratic high-mindedness in the Brexit vote. Across Europe and here in the U.S. there’s a decidedly illiberal wind blowing through democracy’s tattered sails. Should we be giving one another rhetorical reacharounds about how great 20th century social democratic norms are or should we start looking forward to what comes next?

  • A Twitter lady I like says Chapo Trap House is pulling down like $80K a month (on Patreon, I guess). A) Is she on crack? B) Assuming you've kinda looked into it– any chance you could quit your day job? Do you WANT to quit your day job? Congrats as always. Tom Frank LOOK OUT : ) geoff in Memphis

  • Trump will be gone in 3-7 years, likelier 3. What can we expect from Republican presidential candidates after that? Events indicate to me that recent state and local GOP candidates are smart enough to realize that the game has changed permanently, and they have to imitate his style as an over-the-top clownish buffoon to capture the base's adoration the way he has.

    My question is, can anyone other than Trump himself pull this off successfully on a national scale? If it's someone without a pre-existing personal brand, can any national candidate actually repeat his strategy, particularly when most or all of the candidates are doing it instead of just one? That's the next step down for the party; will it lose them enough people permanently to make this the high-water mark for neo-fascism, or can they somehow keep finding ways to break through and win?

    GZ in SF. Or is it SF in GZ? I don't know anymore.

  • Let's cut the bullshit and get down to brass tacks: What are your top 5 video games of all-goddamned-time?

    Sam from Michigan

  • Ed – Do you think the Balkinization of the US is likely? If so, do you think we would see it sometime in this century?

    – Adam from Granite Falls, WA

  • Is there another species of animal that, if they gained sentience and dominance over the planet, wouldn't be colossal shitbags like us?

  • how difficult would it be to carry out real election reform (ending gerrymandering, using vote-by-mail or even getting rid of the electoral college)? Do you see any movement in this direction and if so, what are the odds of it succeeding? Thanks for your must-read blog! Brenda from Belgium

  • Sticks, from London UK

    What, if anything, do you think will finally bring Trump down. Bearing in mind things like "Grab her by the pussy", "very fine people", firing James Comey, etc cetera haven't done?

    And, worst of all, do you think that Trump being impeached would leave us in a worse situation, with an "acceptable" face (Pence) in the presidential hotseat, whom mainstream republicans wouldn't even offer token resistance as they would to Trump, despite Pence arguably being even more detestable?

  • Why no talk about the mini scandal in New York FBI Hillary haters. Seems like a good time to bring that up. John from California

  • Does only the right have bad asses? Why is the left failing at capturing and defining the American imagination? Why are ALL Americans not rioting in the streets agaisnt the rolling back of clean water and air quality standards? Is the current administration leading the way or a reflection of America?

  • J. Dryden: Now that Cletus Safaris are common enough to inspire a backlash (and rightly so), will they go the way of the Macarena–that is, die off and become a cultural marker that shortcuts identifying this point in time? Or is this just all that the national media can/will say about The Base–is the media too driven by the need for traffic to give them up? The schadenfreude/outrage of City Folk at their Rural Brethren is always good for a click-fest, but surely this Skinner Box is running out of juice–the American people are nothing if not easily bored–but what's left to offer? (Except, maybe, a Cletus Safari from a major outlet that just flat-out identifies racism as The Reason–but do the Times/Post have the balls to publish that one?) I'll take my answer off the air.

  • Adam from Long Island-
    There are many stories in the media about how easy it is to hack many state's voting machines. Some of these machines don't leave a paper trail. How worried are you about this? Doesn't it seem like a hacked election is almost a certainty?

    Also, according to your entry on, many of your students refer to you as "cute".

    Are you?

  • Maurice of Washington wonders: Why do people love to use a broad brush to paint their generalized dislikes onto whole other groups irregardless of accuracy?

  • Matt from Michigan: Ed, you always say that we cannot reach out to the other side because they are beyond reason, but shouldn't we always make the effort? Don't we slip into the intellectual condescension that progressives are often accused of when we attempt to reason with others? Also, my friends want me to blog and podcast but I don't because you say most of what I want to say and much better than I could. So I just send them here.

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  • Do you think there are any links between the recent rise in flat earth dipshits and political dumpster fire that has been the last couple of years? If so, what do you think they might be?

  • Dear Ed,

    How are you so awesome?


    P.S. Keep being awesome.

    P.P.S. J. Dryden, how are you so awesome? Yours are the comments I consistently read.

  • MRBill @ 30560 (aka Reddest Redneckistan) how do we deal with those on the left who’ve so internalized the Right Wing Agitprop Clinton Claims that they are writing the Dems off as a NeoLiberal bunch of dishonest hacks ?

  • Erin from California: Is post-modernist intellectual thinking to blame for our post-fact society? Post-modern theories can certainly seem anti-factual to the uninitiated. Is our post-fact world just a crude caricature of liberal intellectualism?

  • I’m leading through “The Nation” January 1/8 2018 and I just came across an advertisement for RT America. What the hell is this doing in “The Nation”?

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  • Obviously, not for the current podcast, but for the future… Would you be willing to consider making a "Political Science 101 for Grownups Actually Interested In Learning About Stuff That Is Important" as a recurring/side feature? Is there a section of students you've ever dreamed of having for a basic primer section of the basic 100-level class? Some of us would be eager to be in that class. I don't feel that I ever had the right class in the fundamentals of political science, and I would love to learn from someone eager to teach it to those eager to learn it.

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