10 thoughts on “EPISODE 002: FUSELAGE MUCILEGE”

  • Feeback: I particularly enjoyed your "1950s-better-living-through-chemistry" advertising type voice. I'm going to have to go back and listen again because some things went by too quickly to catch.

  • Love the content, and the sound quality is definitely improved. Only suggestion is that it sounded a little rushed, like you either edited out all the slight pauses between sentences or were making a conscious effort to move things along, and it sounded a little unnatural to me. That did not detract from my enjoyment and I look forward to future episodes!

  • Emerson Dameron says:


    Yes, all kinds of them. Soundcloud is free and good.


    You seem to be finding your comic and storytelling voice. I wouldn't mind hour-long episodes, because you have a lot to impart and that's the length of my commute. I agree with Shawn that a more methodical pace would be fine for some segments, such as the DMZ story, that are densely packed with information.

    Anyone who enjoys the blog will get a lot out of the show.

  • I'm not sure what recording device you used on the Korea DMZ segment but you sounded great there. Content continues to be really enjoyable.

  • Remarkable how much better the sound is. It didn’t feel rushed to me at all, but I definitely would enjoy hearing more about any of the topics you explored. I’m sure there’s more to say about the picnicking functionaries at the DMZ!

    Cutting from segment to segment was very smooth. Sounded great. The music all worked well, too.

    I think you’re doing great stuff with this podcast and I am really glad I supported it!

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