Episode 004 is now available. Please give 'er a listen – I'm really proud of this one and if I may say so, I'm getting better at this. The podcast medium suits me and although it is a shit-ton of work (certainly more than I expected) I'm enjoying it immensely.

My guest is SSgt. Katie Schmid, plaintiff in one of the legal challenges against Trump's nonsensical transgender military ban. Her story is really compelling and I contribute to the interview mostly by staying out of the way in a narrative that does not need anything to make it more interesting.

I tell the story of the Harcourt Interpolation, a sensation in Victorian London that saw a rogue typesetter (!!) scandalize proper society throughout 1882. The cocktail of the month is the Gin Gimlet, which is a simple drink but was the first drink I ever ordered in a bar; that story gives some amusing insight into Ed at age 20.

The topic for the episode is Duverger's Law and the persistence of the two-party system in the US. Perhaps the question I hear most often from people interested in politics is, why doesn't the US have more competitive parties? I offer a short but compelling answer here.

Enjoy, and please spread the word.


  • Aardvark Cheeselog says:

    Strictly speaking, "gin gimlet" is redundant. The gimlet is a gin cocktail, and only concoctions that substitute some other booze need to be so qualified.

  • I was excited to see the podcast, but can't listen to it because itunes doesn't have a linux client. I am sad. =(

  • Bitter Scribe says:

    I contribute to the interview mostly by staying out of the way

    80% of interviewing is shutting up and letting the subject talk.

  • Aardvark Cheeselog, I'm right there with you. Just like a martini is always with gin unless specified otherwise–the proliferation of vodka martinis has a whole generation thinking that martinis are only made with vodka. I shake my fist at the sky! I am also a purist in that a "daquiri" is properly a rum cocktail made with simple syrup and lime juice–the crap with strawberry is just some slushy shit with rum in it.

    Nobody's got no class no more. That being said, I do love a vodka gimlet.

  • I’m on a Mac and iOS and have never used iTunes for anything. For podcasts I can recommend PocketCasts.

  • Procopius says:

    I'm glad you're enjoying it. I don't do podcasts. Same reason I don't do rap. I usually can't understand what they're saying. Also, I prefer reading.

  • @ Messrs: Aardvark Cheeselog & Mothra:

    YES! and Mr. Cheeselog, Sir? They ALWAYS seek to, first, misinform the VSCB* and THEN to dehumanize those of us who only ever strive to maintain standards and practices in keeping with the dictates and polity of social drinking.

    @ SafetyMan:

    I like whiskey and coke too–but have you ever tried Mescal and mescaline together? They sort of reinforce each other in various subtle and unsubtle (sledgehammer to your inhibitions?) sortawayz.

    * Vast Swarms of Credible Boobs

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