If you're a regular reader you may have noticed that the Trump content on here is more limited than one might reasonably expect in this political climate. The reality is that I simply do not have the fortitude to spend every day writing about every illegal, insane, or ridiculous thing going on as a result of his presidency. To the people on the internet who manage to cover him exhaustively – Trump Watch, mainstream media outlets, blogs like Wonkette, etc. – I have no idea how they do it. I tip my hat. I can't. However they manage to keep their foot on the gas and reach full outrage over everything that truly merits full outrage is beyond me. If it sounds like I'm being sarcastic, I'm not. I just can't wake up every single day and allow myself to be worked into a full lather over how many truly appalling things happen every day. I'd die of a stroke. We're 500 days into this nightmare and my ability to write "Did you guys realize what a horrible piece of shit this guy is?" for the 500th time is well and truly gone. I can't do it. I'm glad someone else can.

That said, the president's Memorial Day message stopped me short. I feel like this is worthy of comment, because we're collectively becoming so accustomed to shit like this that we barely notice it anymore. But spend a moment thinking, if you have the emotional capacity to spare today, about what kind of malignant narcissist you have to be to hear your staff telling you, "Sir you have to say something about Memorial Day. Sir it's the one for the people who were in the military and died in combat." and processing that into a message in which you congratulate yourself and explain that if all those dead people were alive they'd be telling you what a great job you're doing.

I can't do this every day. But today, think about that. Try to put yourself into the mindset of someone who thinks like that – someone who is told to say something about dead military service people and comes up with, "If they were alive they'd all be real impressed with me."

Have a good day.

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  • And still, the braindead TrumpliguturdliKKKanz will support the p.o.s., even the ones who have lost family or pieces of themselves in war.

    Look for VP Penis to go rogue in about 582 days when he announces that he and some other p.o.s. Godbot will be primarying Le trou du cul géant orange avec le minuscule pénis orange.

  • The mindset of someone who deserves to be hung from a lamp post. With his tie.

    I mean, it's a historical tradition 'n all.

  • When I read DJT's tweet, all I could think about was the time Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank House and wrote in the guestbook, "Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber."

    Of course, there's a big difference (or should be) between the emotional maturity level of a 19 year-old pop star and a 71 year-old leader of the free world.

  • DSM V, or whatever number it's climbed to, classifies almost all human behavior as deviant, but they lack a singular category for this guy, who presents as more simian than human–not to give monkeys and their kin a bad name.

  • John Danley says:

    It would be bad enough to deal with some unhinged lummox with two personality disorders in a community mental health setting under the supervision of a professional staff, but forcing the entire country to endure this goddamn madness on an hourly basis is traumatic beyond remediation. We are fully fucked now and possibly forever. I fear the indelibility of his odious legacy.

  • If Trump said "1 + 1 = 3", his followers would immediately accuse all their second grade math teachers of being part of a Soros funded Deep State who indoctrinated them with leftist propaganda.

  • Marginally relevant: What do you think is the most embarrassing thing in his disappeared medical files? All my friends say syphilis, but I think it's penis enlargement surgery.

  • The SCROTUS has helped me appreciate silence, if I hear his voice on the radio, I turn it off. So I didn't hear it.

  • I try, instead, to start each day with gratitude.
    For example, the gratitude that there are not only the daily outraged, but also the "seriously, look at this shit" G&T's.

  • What I just still cannot believe is that even after shit like this, the guy has any support from current or former military members at all, much less such a high level of support. I just do not fucking get it. I mean, yeah, dark people are bad—but does their hatred of the non-white really trump (so to speak) how much this guy disdains the actual military and their sacrifices? I guess so.

  • @ Scott:

    Authoritarian assholes like other authoritarian assholes. It's about that simple. I run into people every day who are one months EBT/SNAP away from being underfed and the only thing keeping them on their drugs is a Medicare plan. You can't teach whatever it is they lack in reasoning skills.

  • Whoa. Go away for a little bit, come back and the place has a brand new look. Who says things never change? Yeah, Trump. I still am bewildered by the fact he still has reporters. I keep wanting to ask my friend's Trump-voting squeeze how he likes Trump these days, but I just don't want to start a fight.

  • Had a conversation with my brother recently. We are both originally from Michigan, but he went to Tennessee for college and resides in the area that blessed us with Marsha Blackburn. Needless to say he has ah…gone native, and voted for Trump because "Hillary..somethingsomething, Bernie somethingsomething, just couldn't bring myself to vote for her, I voted for Obama twice, blahblahblah". Either way, the thing he kept falling back to was essentially that nothing Trump does is a surprise, nobody should be too shocked, everyone who voted for him more or less knew he was a scumbag right out of the gate. Thing is, he is 100% right. Short of the most uncurious idiot, pretty much everyone knew Trump was a skidmark of a human being, and they voted for him anyway. This Memorial Day bit, and pretty much everything else is exactly what they expected and they knew what they were buying.

  • "If you're a regular reader you may have noticed that the Trump content on here is more limited than one might reasonably expect in this political climate."

    Speaking only for myself, here, Ed…I've always assumed that you HAVE a gag reflex. So, no, I'm not surprised.

  • Jack the Cold Warrior says:


    I'm a Veteran, and I don't support Trump. Ditto Major Kong and several other veterans that post on G&T.

    Yes, he's somewhat more popular with current enlisted menmbers of the military, about 48%, 8 pts above the current ~40% level of the total public. But what's more important, only 30% of officers support President* Bonespurs. The military reflects our society, and that level compared closely with Trump's hard base of ~30%.

    Generals Mattis and McMasters are probably the only reason the U S is not at war NOW with N.Korea and /or Iran. I think they took their positions in the administration to protect the Constitution and the nation.

    Most Officers (and former/retired ones like myself) can't stand Trump because he is so ignorant of military and international issues. During the campaign he didn't know whaty our strategic nuclear triad is (Minuteman land based missiles, submarine launched Trident missiles, and B-2 and B-52 bombers). This, despite the fact he'd been thinking about running for President since the 80's. Too damn lazy to study ac President's most critical role as Commander in Chief.

    Also, being a chickenhawk with 5 differments dosent help. Or attacking John McCain, or Gold Star families.

    Or the self agrandizing Tweet on Memorial Day.

    For more on military attitudes:


  • @ Jack the Cold Warrior:


    I don't particularly mind him dissing McStain–who, regardless his time in uniform is a terrible person–but draftdodgers dissing ANYONE who actually "took one for the team"? That would be, one might reasonably think, enough to make any non-braindead voter look at the REST of his nonsense with a bit more jaundiced eye.

    I dislike McStain with something that approaches enmity but I would not support anyone who dissed him for being a POW.

    The military, particularly career military, tend towards authoritarianism–is feature, not bug. Following any LEGAL order is something that they depend on for effectively carrying out their mission. The various atrocities by professional militaries since they became a thing is, generally, NOT a feature. Militaries that commit atrocities and don't prevail in a conflict tend to learn that lesson the hard way.

    Keep 'em flying, Semper Fi, HooAAAHHHHHHHHHH or whatever–gimme a hard nosed prick of an NCO or commissioned officer who is FAIR and honorable and I'll be fine. Military apple polishers and asskissers have my undying disdain. When they suck up to draft dodgers (and we know that the motherfucker IS a draft dodger? Fuck'em.

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