Wednesday I contributed a piece at The Nation about Roseanne and the thick irony of a show that was supposed to make Trumpers sympathetic characters – they're not all just racist asshole conspiracy theorists, you know! – failed because the person behind it is a racist asshole conspiracy theorist.

It's one of my favorite things I've ever written and it was done on a very tight deadline, so I'm pleased with how well it turned out and how much viral spread it had/has. It's not actually a big deal but I have to take my victories where I can find them.

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  • Really great piece, I enjoyed it very much. Hard to believe it came from the same guy who said "LOLOL THIS DOGGO LOOKS LIKE BUTTS" ;-)

  • Well written and thought out piece, kudos for hammering that out under deadline. I cut the cast of Roseanne a little slack, most actors really want to work and even for established names opportunities aren't always plentiful, especially as one gets older. So you go for it and hope for the best. But once Roseanne spouted off, it woulda been nice if someone besides Sykes had said "That's it, I'm out."

  • Bringing it back to my Tennessee-warped brother, who I referenced yesterday. This is pretty much the realization I had about him. He's still family, and I love him, but he has become an utter shit human being. Any time he opened his mouth it was "Black lives this, Feminism that, trans rights, gay rights, social justice, blahblahblah". Even had to derail him mid "Illegals come into this country and get on welfare" screed with a blunt 'You don't actually believe that shit. Do you?'
    My consistent response was "Dude, why the fuck do you care? None of that effects you, at all." He couldn't formulate much of an answer, but I suppose when you get immersed in the echo chamber, you walk away with the feeling that as a white, college educated male with a solid career and no debt, those issues somehow impact you. Nobody gives a shit about these things because movements like Black Lives Matter impacts them in a negative way. But playing off their innate biases and dislikes…that'll get them going.

  • nicely written piece. I really hope this myth of the distressed Trump voter gets peeled back a bit. I do feel like I have been seeing more pieces about white resentment and the impact it has on political beliefs, but I guess we'll see.

    I just noticed that "Hilary's America", "Obama 2016" and that stupid Red Pill documentary were all recommended to me as top rated films on Prime.

    So I guess the question is, how long before we get a show where the protagnostic has to prevent some George Soros stand-in and his SJW daughter from "pussifying" America and turning it Muslim? Like maybe they can adapt one of Ben Shapiro's crappy novels or something.

  • I’m in my third decade of not caring about Roseanne Barr, but I can’t help noticing in your story: Laurie Metcalf’s character voted for Jill Stein? Strawman much?

  • Ed:

    If you want to see how to REALLY write for a deadline, get yourself an interredship* @ FuckTheNews'Corpse and be told halfway through Shit Inanities show that you need a new lie to cover that lie he told just before they went to commercial.

    Thanks to the 40+ years long barrage of mis/disinformation from such outlets–justification/clarification is not REALLY necessary. Still, finding a way to tie GeorSoroHilzBenghazimailz together and fix blame for an F5 tornado in Kansas on them IS impressive.

    * Maybe "inturdship" would be better. Text your preference (idiotic verbal superfluity/even more idiotic superfluity) to 1-666-883-8833**.

    ** 1-666-WTF-WTFF?

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