JR Smith has become this generation's Chris "I Thought We Had Timeouts Left" Webber. That has to be up there with the worst athletic-related brain cramps of all time (up there with "JUST RUN THE GODDAMN BALL, SEATTLE!" in the Super Bowl a few years ago).

The best ones that come to mind in politics are Rick Perry forgetting the names of the Cabinet departments he proposed to eliminate or, more recently, Gary Johnson's "What's Aleppo" moment.

What are some great examples of people just…going mentally blank when everyone's watching? No Trump stuff please. We know that "mentally blank" describes him permanently.
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15 thoughts on “NPF: BRAIN CRAMPS”

  • As a fellow UGA-ian, you should remember Reggie Ball throwing the ball away on a fourth down during the UGA v. GT game, because counting is hard.

  • negative 1 says:

    The inimitable, and always exciting, Milton Bradley tossing the ball into the stands for the fans… after catching the second out of the inning. The other team scored on the play.

  • I believe Manny Ramirez did the same thing when he was playing LF in Boston.

    My favorite all-time was A-Hole interfering with the play by swatting Bronson Arroyo's glove to dislodge the ball, in Game6 of the 2004 ALCS. If they had gotten that call wrong, Rodruiguez would have been lioneized by the NY Post and the Daily News and he would now be the president of FoxSports.

  • Leslie Jones had an epic freeze-up last time Chris Rock hosted SNL. That’s why she always reads her lines directly now.

  • 1) Tommy Tutone singer on some nostalgia show on MTV or VH1 was singing his one-hit, which is a phone number, and forgot the phone number.

    2) O! Canada…

    3) Leon Lett touching the football after the failed FG.

    (Y'all got the other ones I would have mentioned.

  • mattius3939 says:

    JR Smith's play only remains memorable if the Cavs win 2-3 games this series, right? If the Warriors win this in 4 or 5 games, the only person who's going to care will be Bill Simmons, 20 years from now, having this conversation in a podcast with his "nephew" Noah Schnapp that goes like this:
    BS: "This series reminded me of the Cavs-Warriors series from 20 years ago when JR Smith made a bone-headed play that changed the course of the series."
    NS: "Well, those 'one-moment' moments go both ways. Ultimately the Warriors won the series, but had the Cavs won, we'd remember KD missing a shot with 2 minutes left or something as that 'one moment.'"
    BS: "Yeah, I kinda had this feeling all series that all of these breaks would even out over the course of the series. That's what makes basketball the best sport – it's really hard for the better team not to win out over a 7 game series. What do you think about people who say play X was the single defining moment of this series?"
    NS: "Wait, what? Do you think a series is captured in a moment, or that a series is a series of events that averages out?"
    BS: "No I'm asking you."

  • Well, there was the Pisarcik fumble for the Giants back in 1978, the Merkle Boner back in 1908, Wrong Way Riegels in the 1929 Rose Bowl to name 3

  • Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford are guilty of some gaffs. I think Reagan once read the wrong speech to some people.

  • Dave Bearse says:

    The thing is, it worked out good for Perry. Perry didn't know a primary responsibility of the Department of Energy was nuclear power, and couldn't remember the Department's name despite it being so wasteful Perry proposed its elimination. The upside for him is Trump rewarding his forgetful and ignorance with a six figure Secretary's salary to learn on the job.

  • Dave Bearse says:

    Robert Goulet mangling the lyrics to the United States National Anthem at the opening of the second Muhammad Ali-Sonny Liston heavyweight championship fight in Lewiston, ME.

    That said, I can't resist noting Trump didn't know the national anthem's lyrics at the College Football Championship, , but at least Trump has the excuse of never knowing them in the first place.

  • "Who am I? Why am I here?"

    -William Stockdale (not Dan Quayle!) at the 1992 vice-presidential debate

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