David J. Roth – and note there are important differences between him and David Lee Roth – is probably the best writer out of the current crop when it comes to putting into words the kind of person Donald Trump is, and consequently many of his supporters are as well. It goes beyond being stupid, or selfish, or right-wing, or any other one-word descriptor.

Some people first became aware of his political writing with a Dec. 2017 Baffler piece in which he declared Trump "President of Blank Sucking Nullity" – a must read – and foreshadowed his latest viral hit on Deadspin, "The NFL is too dumb to realize that Donald Trump is never going to stop with this shit."

Trump loves that stupid "snake" parable, but it's fun to watch people realize that it's pretty accurate as long as you're smart enough to recognize that Trump is the snake.

Sorry for farming out. Real post coming soon.

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  • Since I spend most of my "working" day browsing the internet, I'm always looking for new people to read. David Roth is a keeper. Thanks.

  • @democommie,

    If there's a mass gathering, I didn't get an invite. But if I did I'm sure we would all be quaffing cases of cartoonishly low ABV beer, and mixed drinks with no more than 2oz of liquor, at a place downtown, or the mexican restaurant near my house, right until they close at 10. Because SLC Knows. How. To. Party.

  • Dear Ms. Stinkeye:

    If you go over to "Friendly Atheist" there are a lot of intensely profane and pissed off persons like me. It's homey.

    R u still in the land of the bean and the cod,

    Where the Cabots talk only to the Lodges and the Lodges talk only to GOD?

  • @democommie:
    Or, off ski season, in Wendover, Nevada, at the end of the Great Salt Lake flats, known since WWII as "Bendover, Nevada". Wife lived there briefly as a kid. She said it had probably the largest number of TVs tuned to porn networks as a percentage of viewership, of any location on Earth – because Mormons like their smut when there's nobody watching them.

  • In the years of Trumpian reign, we are all scrod, demo.

    I have forsaken my vows of silence and look forward to raging anew. I'll swing by the FA and emote.

  • PrairieBear says:

    Good essay.

    This population tends to have just about the racial and class characteristics that you’d expect, but at a fundamental level what binds it together is the belief that you and your personal comfort are the most important thing in the world; the politics that follow from this are callous and cruel in the most casual and checked-out way imaginable.

    "This population," otherwise known as "conservatives." As is often the case, I am also reminded of the Agre essay:

    Not previously familiar with David Roth, but I will plan to check out more of his work.

  • @ stinkeye:

    I know it's a hopeless cause but I want my country back–and the Rev. Jerry Gloryhole, Caligula and Reinhard Heydrich from the Jesus' General days.

    Remember the Alamo, remember the "Maine" and really, really remember Filene's Basement @ Downtown Crossing.

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