So first of all, check out a new thing I have up at The Week about what Senate Democrats can do to stop the upcoming Supreme Court nominee (hint: nothing) and what they need to change moving forward so that they stop taking brutal losses like this as a matter of course.

In a broader sense, this week feels like it was a tipping point – and hopefully not simply for me personally. I feel like I reached total Trump Fatigue sometime Thursday afternoon when the news of the mass shooting at the Capital Gazette reached me. It was a back-breaking straw for me, the knowledge that we will all sit around making and listening to the same arguments and the Trump people will all pretend like the President constantly telling crowds of armed half-wits that journalists are "enemies of the American people" has nothing to do with armed half-wits killing journalists. Our discourse has gotten so insane and repetitive that very few people seem capable of or interested in stepping back and asking what the fuck we are doing. It has been a boil-the-frog process of slowly normalizing one form of insanity after another and it is not at all clear that people in power will figure that out before it is too late and the water is boiling.

Couple that with the utter spinelessness of the current congressional Democratic leadership – a generation of white geezers who seem to have internalized losing as par for the course who are trying to confront a literal authoritarian as if he is some generic Republican to be bargained with – and the ability to summon hope for the future is pretty limited at present. Look at what is happening in this country, and Chuck Schumer and the supposedly Liberal Media spent half the week jerking each other off with pearl-clutching lectures about Civility.

I want to yell very loudly and I want to punch someone but I don't feel like there's anything to be accomplished by either. And the constant pep talks about working for November are falling on deaf ears at this point if there isn't a serious change in leadership and direction of the Democratic Party.

This is, or needs to be, a Dred Scott moment. That decision didn't do anything to sway abolitionists (who were already perfectly convinced that slavery was bad) but hit home for the mushy center position held by many wealthy elites that "OK slavery is bad but gosh, abolition seems too drastic can't we find some halfway compromise point?"

In the 1840s and 1850s, we tried. We tried repeatedly to find a compromise, at least until it dawned on those people in the Let's Be Civil and Please Everyone center that there is no compromise to be had. Some things require us to be for them or against them. Some things require us to take an actual position and deny ourselves the luxury of comfortable Third Way bullshit that attempts to please everyone.

You can't compromise with the current American right. You have to defeat it. Anyone in Congress who doesn't understand that yet needs to retire and take up crossword puzzles. Since 1994 the Republicans have operated on the principle of "No compromises, oppose and obstruct at every opportunity using any tools available" because they realize (Democratic strategists, pay attention here) nobody gives a flying fuck about "optics" or bipartisanship – your party's base wants to see you win. Period. Don't lose politely – win. Get results. The GOP gets results. Democrats lose and sit around complaining that the GOP isn't playing nice and fair and how history will vindicate them.

Now the GOP owns the Supreme Court. Because they get results and are willing to fight dirty to get them. Compared to the Moral Victories that Democratic leaders have been doling out for 25 years, I think most of us would prefer to have the Supreme Court.

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  • I have no idea any real difference anymore between the Supreme Court making laws and being ruled by a monarch. Neither are elected, both are lifetime appointments, and there is jacksh!t you can do about either one's ruling.

    Cowardly assholes like Paul Ryan are more than happy to let the judiciary rule because then they can turn to their constituency and say 'gosh, it's not my fault, the Supreme Court said you can't have familial relations with your wife on weekends!' or whatever their next sh!tty ruling will be.

    People need to protest them and report on them like we do other politicians. Call the republican judges republicans, not 'Supreme Court Justices'. Republican Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Show up to their well-paid speaking engagements and protest loudly. Report on their many, many conflicts of interest and the many, many times that they show up on paid-for junkets to be lobbied by soon-to-be defendants in front of the court (which is perfectly legal!)

    If we're going to be ruled by 5 republican kings we should be transparent about what's going on. Maybe even yokels in Iowa can understand that.

  • But then we'll be no better than they are, mew mew mew! What about the moral high ground, are we just going to give that up? Mew! Do the ends somehow justify the means? Mew mew! The American People don't want to see things get politicized. Mew mew! Michelle Obama said one time we should go high, so that's now a rule that must govern the party's actions for all eternity. Mew!

    –the average centrist Democratic strategist, as a cat

  • Hey-o, Ed, how about I'LL QUIT WHEN I'M DEAD T-shirts?

    Something in a nice acid green?

    Give us zombies a lil' somethin, pliz? I'll buy 7, so I don't have to do wash as often.

  • I love how suddenly the right LOVES the Supreme Court. After the same-sex marriage decision, it was all "9 unelected lawyers" ruling from the bench or whatever victim complex bullshit

  • I'm torn. I know on a deep, visceral level, that the damage this merry pack of idiots is doing, will hurt us all. Both immediately, and for countless years to come. Decline of American power? Breakdown of the global order? Transition of the US into an authoritarian state like this Trump so admires? I don't really know. But what I do know is that a whole bunch of people plagued by "economic anxiety", who voted for Trump, are going to be on the receiving end of a good portion of that Tremendous Fucking. I'm going to enjoy watching all of there 'barely hanging on' rural burgs, coal country hell holes, and cloistered, white, enclaves, slowly drown in the shit they bought and paid for.

  • Lonna Gooden Van Horn says:

    I get really tired of Democrats being bad-mouthed!! We win BECAUSE there are more Democrats than Republicans, and while BOTH parties do too much to help corporations and not enough to help the people, even Lindsay Graham admitted Republicans passed the tax cut bill so their DONORS would open their checkbooks for the next election!! Hillary Clinton has been demonized for 30 years and she STILL beat trump by over 3 million votes. trump is president because of that, because of Comey's unfortunate mistake, AND because it has been made ever more difficult for poor people and people of color to vote!! We are better than the Republican Party, and I have NO desire for us to become what they are because being evil is more effective in the short term!! — destroying the environment, making life harder for "the least of us," and giving ever more to those who already have way too much!! I happen to believe Democrats would not have to spend a dime campaigning and they would STILL win more elections this fall MAINLY because trump has sullied the Republican Party past any thought it can be redeemed!! Most ofl the people who can THINK, but who did not bother to vote in 2016 because they were sure Hillary was going to win AND they didn't like her that much anyway, KNOW what that failure to vote resulted in. They WILL vote in 2018!! The Koch brothers and others will pour hundreds of millions of dollars into the election bad-mouthing Democrats. It won't work well enough this time to cost too many seats because THINKING PEOPLE have seen what trump, with the complicity of the Republicans in Congress has done!! They will vote!! We DO have to worry about interference and voting machine hacks, I am afraid. We need to insist on paper ballot back-ups, or Putin might help steal this one, too, but I don't think Democrats will lose many seats and will gain a bunch UNLESS that happens!! Most trump supporters are "low-information" or else the greedy rich, but those of us who will vote against Republicans this time are not!! AND some ethical Republicans will vote Democratic, too, as George Will has encouraged them to do. George Will, Bruce Bartlett, Jennifer Rubin, Max Boot, Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, etc.

  • Ed:

    Thanks. I quit. I'll be spending the rest of the year drinking myself into oblivion (for as long as the SS checks keep coming). Ta!

    @ satrap:

    I've lived in NE, MA, NH,FL & NY (not counting time in USAF) I think that where I live now is the batshitKKKrazzeeist of any of the places I've lived.

    The democratic primary the other day saw a political naif (Syracuse U, visiting prof) defeat the DNC's choice. Story is here:

    I cannot vote but a lot of people my age supported this woman because she is progressive (whatever the hell that even means). I'm fine with that outcome. I didn't vote as I'm not allowed to in the primaries. I will be voting for her in Nov.

    I'm sure that the GOP will pump $$$ into John Katko's campaign. He's another one of the fucking scumbagz that bragz on his "common touch" but spends all of his time with the wealthier contributors and others well above the average voter's pay grade. He wasn't for Trumpligulamygdala but he's a reliable GOP backstabbingp.o.s.mofo.

  • I'm an upper middle class aging white guy so in reality, I will be fine regardless of the damage Trump does to the nitwits who elected him and the feckless douche bags in Congress who do nothing to hold him to account. That said….

    The Democratic Party needs to be turned over to a new class of young'uns who have no problem looking the Mitch McConnell's and Jim Jordan's (god I hate that little shit) of the world in the eye and saying, "Nope. Because Fuck You." And if the Dems can't find some new leaders who are ready and willing to do that, it's time to raise the white flag of surrender and pack it in.

  • Chicagojon2016 says:

    This is really good. It also makes me angry all over again that Daniel Biss isn't a billionaire and lost to J.B. Pritzker in IL.

    Stop talking to women voters about civility. Stop explaining to the working poor why Democrats had to be complicit in more financial deregulation. Stop soft-pedaling on criminal justice reform and institutionalized racism in the endless (and endlessly fruitless) quest to peel conservative whites away from the GOP. Instead, lay out a positive agenda behind leadership that doesn't accept defeat as par for the course and constantly lower expectations.

  • AND some ethical Republicans will vote Democratic, too, as George Will has encouraged them to do. George Will, Bruce Bartlett, Jennifer Rubin, Max Boot, Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, etc.

    "Ethical Republicans" LOLOLOLOL

  • @SunilR, I had not thought of it in those exact terms, but now that you mention it, it makes perfect sense.

    Toonces AKA Centrist Democratic Strategist: "I've got it, this will be great, let's call it the 'Supreme Corp!" Get it, because corp, it's short for corporate!"
    Everyone except Nancy Pelosi: "Toonces, noooooo!"

    Toonces: "Hey Chuck Schumer, why don't you make a sign and go stand in front of a gas station to whinge about gas prices"?
    Everyone but Chuck Schumer: "Toonces, nooo!"

    And so on…

  • The Democratic leadership are like corrupt eunuchs serving the Emperor of China; hoping the advancing Mongol hordes can be convinced to turn back, because they did not apply for proper entry permits when they crossed the Great Wall.

    They. Do. Not. Care.

    They respect only strength. If you don't have it, they will gladly crush you.

    At this point, precedent, procedure, and fair play are worth less than the paper they are written on. Believing you can negotiate with Trump as if he's Mitt fuckin' Romney goes beyond incompetence and into wilful dereliction of duty.

  • Flying Squirrel says:

    We aren't even half done, time and damage. No clue on details, but I am confident Mueller is going to be an astonishing fizzle. On the bright side, the rest of the world is not so gullible as the Ds and is permanently turning away from us. This society was corrupted by slavery and genocide for 250 years and is beyond redemption. It won't change, but it can be marginalized.

    I fucking hate message T-shirts in general, but looking forward to "None of this is OK". Some capybara posts would be nice.

  • defineandredefine says:

    Apparently the DNC is weakening the power of super delegates (whatever that turns like). So there's that, I guess…

  • Thanks for all your writing. Even though it’s all bad all the time, I feel better somehow when I read your posts and the responses that follow. You and Jim White keep me sane. I’m not sure I can say “hopeful”, but sane is something!

  • Schumer said he was going to "urge" the Republicans to be fair and wait till after the elections. the Vichy Democrats wouldn't dare upset the Leader/McConnell/Republicans as this isn't done in the Senate. Stagecraft/unwritten rules of the Senate, and all those "this is a club and you aint in it." lets the rest of us know we are never ever going to see any blowback by the Democrats/Vichy Dirty Dollar Dems against the pillage and looting and destruction of America by the Republicans. Cause?… the Vichy Dirty Dollar Dems want their share of the looting.

    40 to 50 years of sucking up to the Republicans by the Vichy D's gets exactly what it always has: sucking up and selling the working class out. Clinton was just the latest version of sucking up to the Moneyed Republican Elites, and she couldn't even beat Frankenstein!!!

    am so tired of all this. for over 40 years the Republicans have been destroying the American society, and for almost that long the Vichy/Blue Dogs as some call them, the Vichy Dirty Dollar Dems have helped the Republicans sell us out. For Profit. over People. Greed is Good. St Reagan and the Mourning in America, aka Obama and his selling out America to the Bankers.

    i do wonder how much longer this whole thing/"Gingrich's "Contract on America" with Bill Clinton's (R) being the fake Democrat to enable the Right and Center to screw America.

    and to think they blame the Russians for this latest Hillary debacle. a country with the economy of Italy and a defense budget 1/10 of America. Hijacking the Clinton election for only $100,000. in trolls to "subvert" the American Election. If that is so, then what about Sheldon Adelson 26 million spent for Trump. and Comey and Muller, boy what inanity, what ease with which to scam brainwashed Americans.

    i mean, can Americans be any easier that the whole 21 Trillion Dollars the Pentagan can't account for. surely we are well played and cheap. Bombing the whole world and not expecting blowback.

    Like Obama was the Drone king till Trump showed him up, or Hillary approving the overthrow of the elected President of Honduras/Zelaya cause Business says Zelaya would hurt profits. Hillary is special right. The Queen must have her throne from what i hear. and she's too lazy to get the Electoral votes needed from the Deplorables in Flyover country. Well us deplorables in Flyover Red States hate both Rightwing Vichy/Blue Dogs who have been selling us out and the Leader in charge Republican Profits over People Red staters elected years after year.

    the venom of hatred for the left is legendary. the Right has planned this takeover gradually and successfully, step by step, for years. Ever heard of the Values Voters Coalition? read Republican voter history and see how well planned the whole Contract on America has been. and the Clintonistas wont ever admit Clinton Fucked up royally or that Bernie would have easily beaten Trump. by a landslide. but the Clintonistas would and will never admit their time isn't at hand. everyone else is selfish, ignorant and hatefilled for those who disagree with the Clinton's and their sell out of the working class. Americans are so easily brainwashed, led to the cliff, like lemmings. and blame the Russians, of course. never look in the mirror or wonder why the Deplorable didn't vote for Her Highness. a whole lot voted for the Frankenstein the Republicans couldn't stop from winning or shaming idiots like Bush, Marco Rubio, Mittens or any of the Republican Death squad ready to take the lead from Obama on how to suck out more blood.

    Obamacare aka Romenycare as a sop to Business just so we can't have single payer or Medicare for All, like the rest of Western Nations have, all have Medicare for ALL or Single Payer except America Guinea Bisseau and Nepal.Hillary said Single Payer will "never, ever Happen." lol, she cares, lol, for money/power, doesn't give a fuck about the rest of us poor people who can't afford dentists or doctors or health care, not insurance,but health care. What a club to belong to. for its alright to spend 670 Billion a year on killing people via the Department of War/Defense, but not a single penny to help people live healthy live through Health care our taxes already pay for.

    Americans are so easy,so fucking easy that they would rather fight each other than attack the causes of what ails America. Greed Republican Immorality of Profits over People, cause the only kind of socialism American believe in is for Socialism for the Few/Rich and Capitalism/Poverty for the Poor. aka Austerity

    it is just amazing to watch all these idiots suck up and endorse such life killing choices that Republicans and the Vichy D's have imposed on Americans. like there is no Alternative/TINA. the Republicans tried out the killing ways in Chile, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador Grenada, Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Haiti and everyother country in the Western Hemisphere, except for Cuba. you can't always win the War America brings to your country, but you must fight the evil anyway you can, or you can become a migrant escape the American Hell in their own country, via Mexico. Remember the Death squad in El Salvador, murdered priests and nuns, or the Freedom Fighters America calls terrorists who defend their own countries from the "introduction of American Democracy."

    maybe now enough Americans can taste what is going on in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and everywhere else the Empire goes. such pretentiousness and American insufferabililty. Empires don't give up easy and America is taking the whole ecological system and those creatures with us down the extinction path. extinction is the price for this unGodly Capitalistic Empire.

    and now people are talking about how uncivil some are to others. the Republican plan has really succeeded in dividing this plantation society into baring its ugly scars and pus filled hatred toward those who aren't in the "Club." like the guy from Florida, Alan Grayson, said. the Republicans have a health plan for those of us not in the Club, "it's hurry up and die." and that is the best plan Americans have so far to deal with the looting and scourges the immoral Republican takeover has bestowed upon the uneducated American inhabitants. never look for the causes of poverty, just blame the poor for being poor.

    the Republicans are not stupid, never have been and are solely focused on achieving their ultimate goal.the selling of everything for a profit. everything now has a price and nothing has value.

    the Deplorables are just what they were made to be, expendable and throwaway like our society.
    thank those Vichy D's like Clinton, who help her Republican brethren/moneylaunderers in prolonging and for highlighting this scam.The outrage, where is the outrage against the thieves? otherwise, we would just keep on keeping on the path to extinction, like 50% of all animal species/life around us.

    either we stand firm against the looters or we are their next meal.

    oh well, i don't expect freedom to happen here in the Empire until the Empire crashes. with both the Vichy Dirty Dollar Dems and Corporate Republicans to every let up. Crooks never do, Do they?

  • Bernard:

    "admit Clinton Fucked up royally or that Bernie would have easily beaten Trump. by a landslide."

    You're a lying sack of shit and a troll, do fuck off.

    Also, too: Трахни свою мать.*


    "Now the GOP owns the Supreme Court. Because they get results and are willing to fight dirty to get them. Compared to the Moral Victories that Democratic leaders have been doling out for 25 years, I think most of us would prefer to have the Supreme Court."

    But you either voted AGAINST that or just stayed home.

    Don't fucking lecture people who WERE paying attention and knew that anything but Hillary winning was going to be a far worse shit show than whatever the fuck you were afraid of.

    Show of hands, how many of YOU went out and banged on doors or stood on street corners holding signs in shitty weather or on your day off to help get your progressive candidates on a ballot for November.

    Those who didn't participate and still want to bitch? Fuck you.

    * Is being VladBroz greeting to their fellow sleeper cell agentz

  • I was disappointed by Ben Cardin's "I don't want to throw the first punch" about the prospective SC nominee such that I emailed to say that I would vote for his opponent in November because at least he knows what he stands for. Probably should not be too surprised. Anyone who is cowed by Maria Bartiromo deserves the blowback.

  • Hmm, 1850s, eh? What happened (happens) next?

    Anyway, see y'all in the gulag! (Hey, where IS that guy?)

  • I am really disappointed with Democommie's comment to Bernard

    OK, Given that Hillary won the popular vote by around 3 million votes. Toss in that she had one of the largest margins of the popular vote since the current system began in the 1820s. Yet she lost in an institution which is unique to the United States and was designed to frustrate the popular vote: the electoral college.

    How does a vote really count in the system?

    I am now going to get really specific since it is well documented that the Electoral College distorts the vote. It already cost Gore the presidency in 2000. Yet its antidemocratic (or even antirepublican since a republic requires free and fair elections) nature is not being addressed.

    Let's say I voted for Hillary Clinton, which would have increased he popular vote victory. But unless she got one more vote than Trump, she still would have lost my jurisdiction. That's because the electoral college is winner take all in a state. Toss in she would have had to have done the same in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to have had a chance of winning. Yes, she needed the electoral votes in all three of those states to have won.

    You can call me whatever the fuck you want, but the system is in dire need of repair especially if you are vaguely familiar with what the Electoral College is supposed to do (hint–Trump shouldn't be president and you can't make claims of foreign influence, see Federalist Paper 68).

    But it doesn't.

    Let's toss in that Wisconsin was ignored by the Clinton Campaign. Likewise her campaign neglected Michigan. I saw an extreme overconfidence in the Clinton campaign that she "couldn't lose". Which she didn't if the popular vote actually meant something.

    BTW, I wasn't voting against anything. I was voting for a candidate I saw actually discussing issues and not running on a platform that she wasn't Trump and was a woman. It's campaigning that wins elections: not trying to scare the piss out of people.

    Likewise, we need to work on campaign and election reform: not use insults.

    You lost the argument when you started attacking people based on them somehow being Russian spies.

    I thought that shit went out with Ol' Joe McCarthy,

  • The Democrats and Republicans were playing a game of Monopoly. Then the Republicans got up, shot the dog and set the house on fire.

    Meanwhile the Democrats are still trying to win Monopoly.

  • Flying Squirrel says:

    In an increasingly-brief moment of sobriety I went back and actually read the article. It's good. Clean. Spare. No snark, just truth. Like you were channeling your inner Capybara. The moment of sobriety is gone, obviously. Do what you can, and know it was worth it.

  • @Lacithedog:

    it's been a while! Good to hear from you, regardless your crushing appraisal of my comment.

    Bernard IS a fucking troll. All he ever does is what he did in that comment. Fuck him.

    The "progressives" (if they are actually that) who tend to come here ONLY to piss and moan about BernGarJill being cheated also tend to NEVER, EVER have any solutions other than, "Give us the money, the mailing lists and the party infrastructure and GTFO!".

    I know your take on a number of things and while I may agree or disagree with your take, I accept that you've genuinely thought about what happens when a political system becomes completely polarized with TWO side, one being very much the weaker.

    What I'm getting, every time Ed puts up a post like this is:

    "The DNC is shit, old people that are dems are fucking stupid and WE are the ones who will NOW make decisions!"

    It reminds me of Germany, ca. 1922–1945.

    And that's from both sides.

    When you have the GOP trying to shrink the voting demographic (on what they consider to be the "liebrul" side) with various voter suppression techniques and a large group of smug, hip youngs who simply won't do what they don't want to do, 'cuz reasons–you (and I don't mean you, I mean WE) are well and truly fucked.

    I don't know who you prefer to have sitting in the WOH (I doubt that it's Trumpligulamygdala) but if it's somebody who has no chance of winning–especially in a tight election–you're likely to be disappointe twice.

    I don't know if I've seen one of your comments here before–I don't see all of them, I still have a hairy roommate who demands some "me time" on a regular basis–but I've been asking people who their "progressive" candidates are for quite a while, now. I very rarely hear anything from anyone in answer to that question.

    "I am now going to get really specific since it is well documented that the Electoral College distorts the vote. It already cost Gore the presidency in 2000."

    Wrong. The election was handed to BushCo–specifically by Sandra Day O'Connor. Fuck her, forever*–stopping a contested recount so that she could retire. Fuck.Her.Forever.

    I assume you voted for BernGarJill and, possibly, in your state it made no difference. It didn't in mine but I went to the polls and pulled the lever for the entire democratic slate because I couldn't imagine any of them being WORSE than their RefucKKKliKKKlansmen opponents as "public servants".

    SCotUS has been quite willing to punt cases down the field when it suits them. They've also been incredibly compliant with lieberpublican interests over the last 30-40 years. Seeing as the people who didn't vote (the ones I know) or those who voted for BernJilGar seemed a bit surprised that the GOP and Trumpligulamygdala showed ZERO restraint in immediately pushing for Gorsuch–and they will undoubtedly do the same thing when Kennedy's lying ass is no longer occupying a seat–it appears that they simply didn't pay attention to the literally hundreds of op-eds and talking heads on various platforms warning against EXACTLY what we're seeing.

    It may well be too late for any remedy that doesn't involve a lot of heartache, further divisiveness and (given the Campiangunzloonz faction) some serious physical violence to either right the ship of state or scuttle it.

    I am not, have never been and will never be a democrat. I absolutely refuse to say, "Fuck those assholes, burn this motherfucker down and start from scratch!". The price of that strategy is evident, already.


  • Bitter Scribe says:

    In the 1840s and 1850s, we tried. We tried repeatedly to find a compromise, at least until it dawned on those people in the Let's Be Civil and Please Everyone center that there is no compromise to be had.

    And that didn't dawn on enough people until the South reacted to Lincoln's election by declaring themselves out of the United States. Even then it took actual gunfire at Fort Sumter to make the lesson really take hold. How far will the Trumpies be allowed to go?

  • Incrementalism could work, if the right-wingnuts would stop with freaking out over every small increment, given that they do, what happens next is liable to make Bernie look like a fond memory. I suppose years after whatever explosion is coming, some old guardians of the status quo will maintain it wasn't their fault, just like neo-confederates denying that their great, great grandfathers threw away the old plantation system in a brain dead wager.

  • Mostly not yours. Note that for those that don't spend a lot of time thinking politics the differences can seem subtle. The lack of easily perceptible differentiation was a burden to Hillary and her near win remarkable under the circumstances. "Realpolitik" needs to be a different thing the next election cycle.

  • @ Tim H:

    Thanks for your reply.

    I know that the DNC is just as fucking corrupt as the RNC, but most democratic congress critters and other officials don't go out of their way to fuck people who are not hurting anything except their own feelings.

    I despise cynical, opportunistic politicians and they abound in both parties but the alternative to voting for the LESS corrupt democrat–voting for a candidate who has no shot–seems more than silly, to me.

  • The Democrats are a lot like the Weimar Republic.

    Weak, ineffective, torn by factions and yet still totally preferable to what took over from them.

  • ZeroInMyOnes says:

    Awesome post. Thank you. Your last four paragraphs are going up on my Democratic Party refrigerator shrine.

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