Many new things to take a peek at if you're looking to pass the time this weekend.

First, a new Mass for Shut-ins Minicast is available. I take a short look at why Donald Trump's suits look so bad. It's more interesting than it seems on the surface and goes beyond "Because he's a big garbage bag of shit."

Then check out this new piece for The Nation on one of the most remarkable stories of the year so far – a jury convicted a Chicago police officer of murder for the shooting death of an armed black 17 year old. That's so much different than the outcome of every other police shooting story in this country. I take a look at what made it happen.

If all of that seems too heavy, here's a preseason Deadspin piece on the NHL Triumverate that combined to win 8 Cups in the last 10 years. Pittsburgh still has gas, Chicago looks like it might be running out, and LA is just a mess.

Now back to work editing the next very special guest podcast segments…

6 thoughts on “FAST, FURIOUS”

  • Woah Woah Woah… why is LA just a mess? At least they made the freakin playoffs last year. 98 pts in a loaded Pacific division, losing to a juggernaut Vegas team with some weird mojo on their side, despite holding them to 7 goals total for the whole series.

    Just because a Deadspin writer can name good young Blackhawks players but can't name the good young Kings ones and doesn't like Dion Phaneuf or Ilya Kovalchuk does not = mess.

    Injuries might hurt the Kings this year but they aren't as bad off as you imply, at all.

  • To me the McDonald case had an additional, incredibly infuriating element even among these various other police shootings, which was the Mayor's Office going to court to prevent the public release of the video of the shooting. The day the judge ruled that the video had to be made public, the officer was fired and charged with murder — meaning that the Mayor's people saw the video and consciously decided that rather than do what they knew was the right thing, they should do whatever they could to prevent the public from seeing what happened.

  • OK, I usually don't do podcasts. I definitely don't do Twitter. I decided to take a look at your podcast, because I enjoy your blog and am interested in your opinions. I am not going to do your podcast, either. There is nothing that will induce me to install the abominable iTunes on my grandpa box.

  • Ed, I've been looking for a post without a lot of comments because this is kind of personal…
    I read your blog daily. The other day, I *thought* I sent a disrespectful tweet to Rich Pezzullo, a loathsome turd who is challenging my pretty good congressman. Soon after, you blocked me. Now I see that the content of my tweet has disappeared, leaving only your twitter handle and the Pezzullo thing's name. I have absolutely no idea how that happened. I wasn't thinking about g&t, nor had I even recently looked at a tweet of yours. I can only think that my account may have been hacked. In any case, I apologize for having offended you.

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