Episode 9 of Mass for Shut-ins is live featuring the story of Harold Holt, the Australian Prime Minister who disappeared. Seriously, he vanished without a trace. How Australia is that?

My guest is Mike Bridavsky, human friend of the Internet Cat Sensation that is Lil BUB. We talk about the strange experience of viral internet fame, living your life one day and having literal millions of people clamoring to see your cat the next.

If you're new to (or abstain from) listening to podcasts, don't let that minor technological fear stop you from enjoying Mass for Shut-ins. Here's a short and simple guide.

Additionally, I have a new piece up at The Outline – my first for them. It's a millennial-oriented online magazine, maximized for mobile devices. The piece covers the myth that just won't die: that colleges and faculty are havens for hardcore leftist extremists. It doesn't take much thought to see how patently silly that caricature is…but it's more thought than right-wingers are willing or able to devote to the issue, apparently.

I've been doing a lot of writing on other platforms lately, and I will give you guys a real post here soon. You're owed it.

9 thoughts on “GOOD JOB BUB”

  • c u n d gulag says:

    No apologies needed!

    I`m just very that glad you`re making a living wage spreading knowledge to a willing audience, instead of a room full of uninterested youths.

  • Avram Hartman says:

    Pure curiosity here: I pretty much exclusively use spotify for everything nowadays. Is there a disadvantage to putting your podcast on spotify? I have soundcloud also, but it seems like the pod doesn't update as quickly there. I don't use iTunes. Anyway, keep up the good work,Ed. Thanks for all you do.

  • "Faculty make the Democratic National Committee look like the Shining Path." LOL!!

    The most radical teacher I had back in the olden times was a sexagenarian expat Brit history professor who blew my kid mind by patiently explaining that America was (still is!) an empire and that it was more likely to act in its own interests than as some kind of international philanthropist. (

    A podcast about an instagram famous cat is kinda peak internet, isn't it? Fortunately, I love cats. And the internet!

  • I like to say that conservative doctrines have no place in colleges because colleges teach facts not feelings. Global warming, evolution, etc.

  • Emerson Dameron says:

    Have you thought about writing for Current Affairs? I doubt they pay much, but it's the smartest and most exciting leftist magazine I've seen in many years, and I assume you'd fit in well.

  • Thanks for writing that piece for Outline. The conservative cant surrounding universities is totally annoying and it seems like the mainstream media completely buy into it as part of some bizzarro culture wars narrative. When I started at my campus fourteen years ago, the young Republican club was super popular and had a vocal presence. Things ebbed and flowed with the Democrats and Libertarians all having their time in the sun. It all depends on which students are actively involved in these student clubs and their organizational abilities. The faculty and administration have zero leverage over students political beliefs.

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