I have some slightly imperfect "None of this is OK" shirts – all men's/unisex in limited sizes. $10 with shipping included (USA shipping only please). These shirts are all fine, honestly, but because I'm a perfectionist I toss aside the ones where the logo is maybe a tiny bit crooked or the screenprint is a little spotty.

In any case, they're cheap and they still get the point across, and you probably won't even notice whatever is wrong with them.

Domestic Orders (USA)


I had a lot of fun with the latest full episode of Mass for Shut-ins. Amanda Kolson Hurley visits to talk about her new book Radical Suburbs, which looks at various attempts at creative urban planning in the suburbs. Unfortunately we don't like to learn anything as a nation so more often than not suburbs have either terrible planning or (more often) none at all. But some people are starting to come around. More people than ever are thinking about all that Gray Space, all those empty malls, all those parking lots, all those eight-lane roads nobody can walk across.

There's also one of my favorite tales about a very rich man who was very obsessed with eating and became extra-very obsessed with a particular sauce. What he did to get a taste of it is pretty amazing even by Gilded Age standards.

Hit the link to listen through your browser, or subscribe on iTunes/etc.

wE’rE a rEPuBLiC nOt A dEMoCRacY

15+ years and I believe this is the first-ever use of lowercase letters in a post title. Groundbreaking! Thank you for sharing this important moment with me.

I have a minor hit up at The Baffler about the most irritating phrase chanted by right-wingers and what it means. I don't want to spoil things for you, but it doesn't mean anything.

Even if you don't read it, I can't exhort you in strong enough terms to click through just to see the graphic. I promise you will not be disappointed. Try it right now.

See? I wasn't lying.

100% ODDS

I have a new podcast episode – a Minicast about a small group of Lotto Enthusiasts who tried to guarantee themselves a jackpot by buying every single ticket in a Virginia lottery in 1992. We've all wondered about that at some point. Can it be done? Only one way for you to find out. And I know you're curious.

I use this anecdote when introducing probability in my research methods courses. Don't panic, though. I removed all the math for your listening pleasure. Get the episode on iTunes or listen through your browser via Stitcher.


A new episode of Mass for Shut-ins is now available, featuring the very interesting Dr. Daniel Immerwahr talking about his new book, "How to Hide an Empire."

We talk about the many ways in which America has maintained (and still maintains) an empire through territorial occupation, a network of military bases fanned out across the globe, and domination of international standards. Tales of various Guano Islands Act (1856) possessions are told, and you don't want to miss them. Extended version of the interview available on Patreon.

Cocktail of the month: Suffering Bastard

Question Cathy returns with a special Patreon-only mailbag.

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Beneath the layers of apologia from the tech bros in charge of these companies, not to mention the hand-wringing over a red herring version of Free Speech, remember that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms managed to get rid of ISIS and most Islamic extremist groups very easily. They can get rid of white supremacists and far-right content, too. They just don't want to. I'll let you decide whether it's because they're sympathetic or because it would cut into their revenue too deeply.

Deplatforming works. It forces these people into the dark underbelly of the internet where people have to actively seek them out. And people will. White supremacists will go find the other white supremacists even if they're banned from Facebook. The point is to prevent them from being able to spread their messages to people who aren't already white supremacists. Normal kids using Twitter or watching YouTube videos or whatever.

If it doesn't work, why are these sites so militant about keeping al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorist groups off the sites? If we need a "free exchange of all viewpoints" then let them back on YouTube. If not, then admit that we're picking and choosing because we don't perceive white supremacy as terrorism.


This is the last of the None of This is OK shirts for Holiday Shopping 2018. The only remaining sizes are men's (S, M, 2XL) and women's v-neck (L, XL, 2XL).

Xmas Shirts

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Domestic Orders (USA)


The special post-election episode of Mass for Shut-ins is now available. Question Cathy and I devote the whole 'cast to mailbag questions about the midterms. Topics we cover include the national popular vote, ranked-choice voting, Beto-mania, the Democratic disadvantage for taking back the Senate, and the best ways to get involved and do something other than feel angry.

Minicast soon to follow! Also working hard at the moment on a Deadspin piece (NHL expansion to Seattle), a Baffler piece, and my first-ever non-academic article in real print – like, on paper! – for an upcoming Baffler. More posts here as soon as possible.


The cycle of Trump-related allegation and disclosure is so predictable as to be tedious at this point.

Start by loudly (and unconvincingly, of course) arguing for an extended period of time that you absolutely did not do what you've been accused of doing. After a few weeks, soften it up by suggesting that maybe someone else might have done it – certainly not you though – and if that was the case you had no idea, none at all, that it was being done by someone else.

What? Irrefutable evidence? OK well yeah it turns out I did it, I knew all along. In fact the whole idea was mine and it was directed personally from minute one.

But it's not even illegal! I did it because why wouldn't I do it? Everyone does it. It's not illegal at all to do it. Just because there are laws against something doesn't make it illegal if it's a thing everybody does all the time.

Fucking tiresome.


I have a new thing at The Nation about the need for the new Democratic House to do whatever they can to fix the 2020 Census. Trump and his Commerce Department appointees have done what they can to manipulate it, and the consequences of a botched Census will last well beyond a Trump presidency.

No idea whether this is even on the radar of anyone in the leadership, but it should be.