Gin Reviews

As a public service, we here at have undertaken the arduous, self-sacrificing process of taste-testing nearly every gin on the American market. This list evaluates just about every gin you will ever encounter, except bathtub brews or the ones our broke asses could never hope to afford. In those cases, just assume that the shit is really good; at $50 a bottle, it better be. All estimated prices are based on fifths and vary wildly depending on location. We suggest liquor stores with bullet holes in the windows and a refrigerated Sisqo display. Those are usually pretty cheap. All reviews have an image of a person most likely to be found drinking said gin.

Aristocrat Gin

Bombay Gin

Bombay Sapphire

Citadelle Gin

Cossacks Gin

Extreme Playaz Bumpy Gin

Gilbey's Gin

Gordon's Gin

Hannah and Hogg Gin

Hendricks Gin

Mccormick's Gin

Phillips Gin

Seagrams Gin

Sir Robert Burnett's Gin

Tanqueray Gin

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