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Law is too important to be left to lawyers. Or so goes our theory, or so justifies why no real attorney was involved with the following statement. Well, Ed's a notary public, and he agrees to be paid in gin just like F. Lee Bailey, so we figured that was almost like having a lawyer. So here goes.

This site and its original contents are owned in their entirety by Absolutely no part of this site may be altered or reproduced without consent of the owners. All non-original material has passed public domain. is for entertainment and informational purposes only. accepts no responsibility for the actions of its readers pursuant to any information presented here. does not recommend, encourage, or condone alcohol consumptions by persons under 21 or for whom it is otherwise illegal to consume alcohol. Kids, please remember that alcohol is only for adults and college kids with really good fake IDs. and its owners accept no responsibility for the contents of the sites hyperlinked off of it.

The hosting service that provides this page, American Webhosting, is not responsible for the content of this page. They think it's funny, but their fancy-suit-wearin' lawyers told them to pretend like they don't, sort of like how your dad would scold you for getting in trouble at school but was secretly proud of you for being a little bastard.

In case you're brain-dead, retarded, or were born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, none of the "endorsers" actually endorse in any manner. Their likenesses have been used without permission and the comments attributed to them are wholly fictional creations of the authors. If you're actually dumb enough to think that Sean Hannity endorsed this page, you probably also thought The Blair Witch Project and the 2000 Presidential Elections were real, in which case heartily recommends sterilization or suicide.

Any concerns regarding this site can be addressed to But it should be noted that if you complain about content, we will likely just set up an entire page and line of merchandise devoted to making fun of you.

Legal notices:
-This site contains no lead pursuant to Yummy Play-time Paint v. (94L15632).

-This site no longer emits a piercing, high-decibel whistle in the homes of its enemies when viewed pursuant to Alec Baldwin, William Baldwin, et al v. (pending).

-The radiation eminating from this site directly into your corneas has been modified to an EPA-approved level of 6 roentgen/second pursuant to United Federation for the Blind and Billy Thompson v. (99M1-154362).

-Clicking your mouse arrow over the "" banner above no longer results in a debilitating, high-velocity blast to the groin pursuant to the out of court settlement in Mid-American Prosthetic Cock-and-Balls v.

– This site is volatile and not to be used internally, pursuant to Lady Rocket Crotch Sex Toys v. (99M1-112536).

-Lastly, we did your mom in the ass last night pursuant to the settlement in Your Mom v.

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