What Does Erik Hate?

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Introduction to hatred

I would like to think that generally speaking I am a fairly kind and generous person. However, I have been informed by quite a few people that this is just not the case. So, I have a forum devoted to things that I hate. Hopefully this will be a growing area filled with fun and excitement based around things that I currently hate, and more general themes of hatred. Since there are already forums for movies, music, and philosophy, I will have to limit my hatred to more specifics.

History of Hatred

When people consider the concept of hate, it is typically associated with its negative implications. The Oxford English Dictionary defines hate as follows

  • HATE
    1. An emotion of extreme dislike or aversion; detestation, abhorrence, hatred.

The speculated root of the word residing in Gaelic, and one of its original uses found in the text of the exceptionally dull for a book about defeating a giant monster, book Beowulf in the year c825.

Speaking of which, one of the things that I hate is the movie beowulf with Christophe Lambert. I do have to admit that it took a large amount of skill to reduce perhaps one of the longest and dullest "epic poems" into an hour and a half action movie. However, the true intrigue is the quasi post-apocolyptic Sci-Fi "edge" they added. Way to go!

…This is of course to say nothing of the fact that they cast a man that, although American, spent most of his acting career in Switzerland and France in a story allegedly taking place in Ireland….I suppose the fact that he wields all sorts of bizzare unpractically large weaponry is supposed to make up for all of this.

If you enjoyed this movie you should be castrated.

Random moments of disdain such as that are the basics of what should be expected from any decent "what someone hates" website.

However, returning to the subject of hatred, most people view it as a negative thing. Such inclined individuals are likely make statements such as:

  • "I couldn't hate anything."
  • "Hate is such a strong word."
  • "Make love not war."

    and most profoundly

  • "Why you be hating on that"
    or possibly

  • "Don't want no hateration"

Hatred is often a viable emotion in our hectic society. For example, when I see Bill O'Reilly on television I experience a remarkably profound hatred. There is no use in my denying that I feel that way. He truely personifies a character trait I will refer to as "Rambunctious Idiocy". More specifically, he is an "Assclown." *Although nobody I talk to can agree to what exactly an assclown is, basic consensus would indicate that Mr. O'Reilly is one.

According to Buddhist philosophy, hatred can never lead to happiness, but rather promote further hatred. This would be bad I suppose. However, I am not now, nor do I ever indend to be a buddhist. In fairness, I would never endorse blanket hatred of any group or concept (some obvious expections of course, hippies and nu metal fans come immediately to mind) What I beleive in is giving in to your natural judgemental self and moving on with life.

That said…..

Seriously though, hatred is part of life. It is really in your best interest to embrace it. There is no point in sitting at a bar or coffee shop having some kind of meaningless conversation with some complete bastard that has absolutely nothing of interest to say. For god's sake, just hate these people. When you are sitting at the bar and some large group comes in and stares at the beer list for ten minutes before ordering one Guiness and one Miller Genuine Draft, hate these people too. When someone in class with you seems to only ask questions prefaced with the phrase "will that be on the exam". Hate that person. When someone in a single hour long conversation invokes both Foucault and Neitzche without realizing their philosophies often contridict one another….yes, hate this person.

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