Ginandtacos to Tribune Company: We stand behind wilmington

According to web rumor mills, The Chicago Tribune, which has evidently not made enough money from scalping Cubs tickets, is going to ditch their film critic Michael Wilmington in exchange for New York Times film critic Elvis Mitchell (The Trib denies this).. They are trying to position themselves with a celebrity darling critic to compete against same-town rivals Ebert/Roeper; this may be part of a large campaign to beat down the Sun Times while their ownership is up in the air.

This is after, according to yet another rumor, that Mitchell is leaving the Times after losing the chief film critic slot to A.O. Scott. Now we here at like Elvis Mitchell with all of his insane metaphors – and we respect both him and Scott for bringing wit and intelligence to a position that Janet Maslin all but destroyed (don't get us started on Maslin).

But we'll be damn if Chicago is going to eat the scraps off New York's table. Wilmington is an excellent critic, very dedicated to film in the chicago community, and very much a product of a city with some of the best film criticism in the United States. Leave a comment showing your support for Mr. Wilmington and/or say if you are also going to be pissed off at the Trib if they take this switch.

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2 thoughts on “Ginandtacos to Tribune Company: We stand behind wilmington”

  • I had not heard about this until now and I am justifiably outraged.

    New Yorkers make the mistake of believing they are the finest people on Earth when in reality they are merely the most numerous.

  • I too would be saddened to see Wilmington go. He's a fixture for a reason. Why should the Trib pander to imagined need for a 'celebrity' critic? Wouldn't you consider Wilmington a home-grown celebrity in his own right? Silly marketers.

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