he`s the greatest performer every-since, uhh, what's the guys name?

James Brown. He wants you to know he's doing quite well, and that the charges are being dropped "out of love." Click on "click here to download" to view – it's worth it (via erstwhile.net).

I was searching for my best friend from high school on friendster, and found this guy, a 42 year old from NJ (he's not the high school friend). I only bring it up because his only testimonial is from a 20 year old girl in the Philippines and includes the statement:

he loves surprising and the first few things he sent me are 7pcs of victoria's secret undies, a cute teddybear named chubbs and a money order worth 200$..after this..lots more gifts from him..

I thought the time the staff of ginandtacos.com gave strippers money orders for $1.75 each was the shadiest use of a money order ever – then we found friendster. I love the idea of an international gift basket which includes a teddy bear, underwear, and a money order. (fans and enemies please feel free to friendster us at gin@ginandtacos.com – also to send us underwear and money orders).

Erik's mustache diaries comes to it's terrifying conclusion (with sexy results) sometime today or tomorrow – here's a teaser until then.

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