Have no fear, Terri Schiavo. Where the courts, Congress, and state government have failed you, a white supremacist ex-Green Beret will succeed.

For those of you who don't get as much pleasure from observing the right-wing lunatic world as I do, James "Bo" Gritz is a former Green Beret who is a prominent figure in the survivalist gun-nut world. He gained fame in the late 80s for founding the Populist Party (for which he ran for President with David Duke as a running mate) and negotiating the surrender of the members of the Weaver family that the ATF didn't manage to murder at Ruby Ridge. Oh, and he went on a crusade to locate and save fugitive abortion clinic bomber Eric Rudolph. He lives with some followers on a compound in Idaho called Almost Heaven. That's not creepy. Not at all.

His website is always good for a few shits-and-giggles, but now it prominently features an "essay" entitled The Passion of Terri Schiavo. Gritz was recently arrested in Florida for trying to break into Schiavo's hospice to give her water (apparently unaware that he'd fucking drown her if he poured it in her vegetative mouth). So as we can see, he is clearly committed to saving this woman's rich and full life. Some highlights:

The Florida Legislature passed a law allowing Governor Bush to save Terri's life. The Florida Supreme Court (voting 7-0) may have correctly over-turned the law. The U.S. high-court may have properly decided not to hear the case. Still, is it right in America for a probate judge to approve the execution of a helpless innocent human-being by starvation?

Um, what? In summary, "While the courts recognize that there is no legal basis for our argument, we're right anyway so let's…..um….." There's also a healthy serving of the unsubstantiated slander about how Schiavo is in a coma because her husband beat her. You may also enjoy some of Col. Gritz's non-vegetable related writings, a 1988 newsletter to his followers:

The number of the anti-Christ is 666, a six within a six within a six. Six sides, six angles, six points – the six-pointed star of Judaism.

Yes sir, the Schiavo supporters clearly have the moral high ground here. I would actually love nothing more than to see her die as a result of some of these idiots breaking into her hospice and jamming food and water down her catatonic throat.

Oh, and the punchline? Col. James "Bo" Gritz, champion of the sanctity of life, spent a month in the hospital in 1998 after he……wait for it……..attempted suicide by shooting himself in the chest. Why? Well, his upcoming trial for kidnapping probably had something to do for it.


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  1. J. Dryden Says:

    My favorite Terri Schiavo supporter thus far has been, not surprisingly, Sean Hannity, who said that he "couldn't imagine anything more barbaric" than the manner in which her life was being allowed to end. Really, Sean? Can't imagine ANYTHING more barbaric than allowing a woman whose cerebral cortex has LIQUIFIED being allowed to pass away under the blissful haze of morphine? Well, hmm. What say we stick Sean in a cell in San Quentin with couple of Mexican Mafia members and tell them he's in for murdering a Latina toddler? What are the odds Sean will emerge next morning with the ability to imagine something more barbaric than Terry's treatment?