What a perfect Friday for wasting time on the internets. Who has your back? I have it. Let me show you.

1. I've never been the biggest fan of the Dune universe, but these paintings / prints (apparently Frank Herbert-approved) are pretty excellent. It's not often that one uses the term "lifelike" to describe a painting of a giant worm bursting forth from the desert; this is one such time.


Show the world that you control the spice.

2. Speaking of the oddly lifelike, Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag makes incredible pseudo-realist images that combine real Swedish landscapes and people with a type of mid-century futurism – robots, machines, and Space Age contraptions.


Please do check out his body of work. It's pretty wild.

3. Lots of people seem to be obsessed with fonts these days; here's Type Hunting, an entire site dedicated to collecting photos of older typefaces. If you're into that sort of thing, then this is the sort of thing you'd be into. It's also fun if you just want to look at some old stuff. You kids like "vintage" these days, right?

4. !!! A computer buying guide from 1953 !!!

5. Have kids? Or perhaps you just like things that are awesome? Make these Autobot and Decepticon pull-apart bread loaves.

6. Oh, and I have three of these sweet-ass Buzzfeed parody prints left. In all honesty, these look amazing. The colors really pop, not to mention the crazy. Buy one. Do it.


  • middle seaman says:

    Did you apply for topic bankruptcy already or can I offer some legal advice (free of course)?

    If granted, it even covers student loans and preempts Obama's stupid solution of the week.

  • @seaman: it's *Friday*! We're all down at the pub and well into the third pint. There's a an open bar stool with your name on it. Get your finger out, your beer's getting warm and flat ;)

  • middle seaman says:

    Ed got way too many accolades for his blogging. On Fridays, we give him a taste of Tea Party hell. Not too much mind you. He is a big boy, he can, and should, take it.

    You don't want an arrogant son of among us, do you?

  • c u n d gulag says:

    Back on (a) topic, to see what one of those computers looked like, check out the movie "Desk Set" – starring the great duo of Hepburn and Tracey.

    Imagine trying to post comments on a blog using punch-cards!

    Today, you don't need a punch-card to post a punch-line.

    Now, if only I had one….

  • When I was in college in the early 1970s there were a few computer science classes that used the new teletype terminals to access the mainframe.

  • Attendance in my high school (1978-1982) was taken via punch cards. Teachers were given a stack of cards with each students name. They sorted out present vs absent students cards and turned them into the office.

    @ CU

    Ask Chad for a punchline.

  • @Comrrade

    Knew it! All this blogging is a front for "selling" nonexistent prints to readers! Ed (if that is his real name) plays the long game, I'll give him that.

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