I make an effort to limit this kind of request or reminder, because nobody wants to read a hundred pleas per year for the kinds of things a dude with a website is supposed to request. I appreciate your patience with the following paragraphs.

1. If you haven't already, follow G&T on the ol' Facebox. There's more to it than a bunch of links to posts. It's a little heavier on humor and lighter on politics compared to this site. And I'm supposed to, like, try to boost traffic and build a base of readers and all that shit. So do it.

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2. Speaking of, even though traffic has increased consistently over the years the site remains and will remain free of advertisements. If you have to ask why, you must be new. In lieu of advertisements you have to put up with the following few paragraphs once per year.

You can do nothing and continue to enjoy the site for free. This is called "free riding", and it's an entirely rational behavior. I have done (for eleven years!!) and will continue to do this every day whether I make a million bucks, nothing at all, or I have to pay out of pocket for the privilege.

You can use this tip jar / donation link to contribute an amount of your choosing to defray the costs of this site. If you happen to be saddled with extra cash and feel like donating fifty bucks, I will be extremely grateful. However, if donating fifty cents is more in line with your current budget, my gratitude will be no less. If zero cents is your preferred option, that's A-OK too. Your tips and contributions are (obviously) voluntary but greatly appreciated. Either way I'm glad you're here and I appreciate you.

3. "Ed you lazy grifter, when I hand over money I expect to get something in return!" you say. Well, there are things to buy if that's your thing. The "Buy Stuff" link on your right has a couple kinds of stickers. There are also a few remaining SOUNDS OF REAL AMERICA prints (here's the first batch, and then we added two more) and a single Buzzfeed dadaism print that I unearthed while cleaning out my office.

4. Oh, 2014 was the year Ed finally got around to getting coffee mugs like everyone always requested. Customize your own here (Zazzle isn't shy about big discounts). There is also the not quite as popular but equally spectacular Gin and Tacos t-shirt with the lovable slogan, "Dopamine's Only Natural Predator", on the reverse. If you're so inclined, knock yourself out.

5. Thank you all for making the site more interesting than it would be otherwise with your comments and contributions. Even though I've progressed from zero to one to fifty-plus comments per post, I still read every single one. If you can take the time to say something, I can make the time to read it.

I don't maintain this site for financial reward, and I hate creating the impression that you're expected to pay for the privilege. You certainly are not. Not even a little. But if you happen to feel the urge to be generous, here are some options. As always, thanks for being here and man did this year blow.


  • Five whole Ameros per month are headed your way on a recurring basis. Note that this is the same amount that I pay/give to reputable, established sites like Talking Points Memo, Slate, and (slightly less reputable) the Wonkette, so you are among an elite group of web presences, at least in my personal pay schema. From previous Wheedles, I know that this level of patronage practically makes me a member of the landed aristocracy, so if you choose to address me as "Your Grace" or even just "Sire", I won't stop you. I still am not buying a coffee mug, though.

  • Always enjoy reading you here at work, while I am practicing presenteeism while impersonating a valuable employee. I will send you some money
    later, from home, where a different fake name will appear above
    the comment.

  • Ah, Ed. You caught me on a payday before I wasted all my money on doom and black metal music (curse you, iTunes!) and paying off the still looming bills from my inability of running my own life.

    so…$10 sent your way.

  • I was going to donate until I read that it's going to the Reformed Church of St. Gin and Tacos. I don't know what kind of heresy you're trying to spew all over the internet, but in my house we are Northeastern Orthodox Church of St. Gin & Tacos, 1891 Nicean Committee, Council of 30 Elders, Kalamazoo Synod as my father was and his father before him. YOU WILL GET NONE OF MY LUCRE, PAGAN BLASPHEMER.

    Take your heresy back to hell with you.

  • Schmitt trigger says:

    If you register as a "religious organization " with the IRS, the contributions could be tax deductible.
    Anyways, when I return from vacation, you'll have my donation.

  • You have the honor of being my very first recurring donation ever, such is the joy and entertainment I get from this site.

    Yes, it's only $5.00 a month. Fuck you, I'm a teacher, too.

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