Three things to help you pass the time on Friday. All three officially beat working.

1. Since moving I've reacquired the urge to do things that are productive, if we define productive as anything short of a complete waste of time. As I also enjoy being obsessively thorough and complete with my hobbies, I've started making publicly available Google Maps (with downloadable .kml data) of architectural things. Here is a map with the location of every remaining structure from Frank Lloyd Wright. If you're interested in more varied and lighter fare, here is a map of the American Institute of Architects list of America's 150 favorite buildings. That list had an element of public input, so some of it is a bit soft. Nobody really finds Wrigley Field all that impressive as architecture. Overall it's not a bad overview though, although by no means a complete one of American architecture (I couldn't help adding 150a and 150b at the end. I mean. Come on.) Currently I'm working on a Louis Kahn map, and a few other ideas bouncing around for after that.

2. Things We've All Seen but Haven't Thought about In Ages: Those re-dubbed parody GI Joe PSA cartoons. You probably haven't watched them in years and therefore you're likely to have forgotten how amazing they are.

The first time I saw these was at the Chicago Underground Film Festival (1999? 2000?) in a room full of pretentious artsy film festival people.
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For the first two (maybe 60 seconds total) we collectively couldn't believe we had to sit through this low-brow, sophomoric shit. By about minute four a good 90% of the audience was literally doubled over and gasping for air. They're still funny even when you know what's coming, so it's hard to convey just how hilarious this was the first time we heard "BODY MASSAGE!
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" or the reggae one (@ 3:05).

3. Speaking of ridiculous things taken much further than anyone could reasonably expect, my shuffle playlist reminded me about Austrian Death Machine on a long drive today. It's a joke-metal outfit with songs that are all vintage Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes.

Enjoy hits like "Get to the Choppa!" and "Screw You Benny." Who is your daddy and what does he do, indeed.

14 thoughts on “NPF: AUTUMN POTPOURRI”

  • Please become a member of the Chicago Architecture Foundation. I'll live vicariously through you as you explore our amazing city. I was one for a while but found it too difficult to overcome my laziness to take advantage of it. Are you aware of the defunct Chicago Spire project? – a fun read if you're not. I still lament its loss as well as the 2016 Olympics:
    Bonus points for Trump lashing out at the designs back in 2007 (his Tower wasn't yet finished)

    FLW is something(one) that I'm looking forward to rediscovering. As a wee lad I was a Junior Interpreter at the Home & Studio and led (retrospectively terrible) tours. Still – it got me in that building countless times and must have been a large part of my appreciation and fascination with architecture.

    My new goal is to meet you for a drink at the Trump – I've yet to set foot in the building and a $15 beer / $25 cocktail is against my morality, but it's hard to argue with the river/bulding views from the 16th floor terrace.

  • I kept expecting the GI Joe psa-s to break into Village People.

    @Chicagojon: You know you live in Sydney when… You go to Waikiki, sit to watch the sunset and see the cocktails cost (US)$20 and say to yourself: "20 bucks? Yep. That's about right." and front that w/o flinching. ;)

  • I don't know if you agree with me on this, Ed, but I always thought the parking lot and drive-through teller area of Athens' down town Suntrust branch was a minor architectural gem. Something very slightly Bauhaus about the curving brick.

    Sadly, it's been demolished. They're building luxury student apartments in what used to be that space. Everything is terrible.

  • The GI Joe PSA's are HIlarious. How did I not know prior to today that they existed? Thanks.

    AIA map is cool, but I would suggest some additions as well. Like Zimmerman Library at the University of New Mexico. Stunning example of Pueblo Revival style. Designed by John Gaw Meem–who also did La Fonda hotel in Santa Fe.

  • Great list, though I'm a little surprised the Hancock Buiding in Chicago isn't on it. And I'm pleased that the Salt Lake City Library made the list, but the map shows it about 60 miles southwest of its actual location…

  • I find that I generally have that same reaction to lowbrow sophomoric shit—I pretend it's not funny for a short time, but them I have to admit that a sizeable part of me has the sense of humor of a 12-year-old.

    @Shane, good to see another person from Salt Lake in these comments, I'm in school in DC but I grew up in Salt Lake. The library there is one of the best I've seen anywhere.

  • The Fensler Films parodies of G.I. Joe!!! I love those parodies. The first time I saw them was with some friends back in grad school, and we were howling with laughter.

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