It's kind of ridiculous how many of the Everything is Terrible All the Time shirts you guys have ordered, but if you really want that "In on the ground floor" credibility when visiting your respective clurbs there are still a handful of the original Follow Me to the Clurb shirts and bumper stickers waiting for loving homes. Christmas is just around the corner.

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6 Responses to “YOU WERE HERE FIRST”

  1. HoosierPoli Says:

    When someone here has the time, could you kindly explain the obvious in-joke behind the Clurb stuff?

  2. verbal Says:

    HoosierPoli – it's from the Facebook page, about going to a nightclub and getting mad chicks with his nuanced discussion of complex ideas.

  3. seniorscrub Says:

    Usually along the lines of:

    "Up in the clurb last night when this dude starts spouting off on (Issue A).
    I walked up to him and said (Total obliteration of the dudes take on Issue A).
    And then his woman danced up on me."

  4. John Danley Says:

    Mike Flynn just pulled up in the clurb. Ping pong, pizza, and the worst possible misery for everyone.

  5. ronzie Says:

    If you want to sell your shirts to real Amuricans you better make them available in sizes bigglier than XXL.

  6. mmmmm Says:

    but when do I get my shirt?