T-SHIRT "300"

The response to the "Everything is Terrible" t-shirts exceeded all possible expectations, and I'll have to order a few hundred (!!!) more early next year. For now, all sizes are sold out except for the last few I have in the bottom of the box: 4 men's XL, 2 men's L, 1 men's M, and two women's v-neck M. If you're interested in any of those sizes, take them off my hands here. Until I get more delivered, sate your needs with Clurb shirts and bumper stickers (I saw my first one in the wild, it's majestic.)

7 thoughts on “T-SHIRT "300"”

  • Wayne Ruffner says:

    I dig my new shirt. My wife thinks "it's cute", ffs.

    Though, I doubt this shirt's gonna last four long years…or, I hope, two. Get them made with Duluth's Longtails for the duration, please…

  • I really like these shirts, it will probably be a faded gray by next Christmas. That's OK, I'll still wear it.

    One aggravating thing about the details of the Paypal site, I had to place two separate and distinct orders, same double handling, shipping & whatever else.

    I'm not seriously aggravated by this little inconvenience but it is an inconvenience. Please, fix it by next season.

    Thank you very much.

  • Mine arrived the other day. Great shirt. May need a few more to get through the next few years.

    "My other shirt was an optimist"

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