All the Clurb shirts are gone! Same deal now with the remaining Everything is Terrible All the Time shirts and None of This is OK shirts. I have a handful of Men's Small in each. That is the only available size. $10 until they're gone!


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6 Responses to “SHIRT BLOWOUT II!”

  1. mark Says:

    But I'm not smallllllllllllllllllll

  2. Misterben Says:

    Would love to get another None Of This Is OK shirt. I just know I'm gonna shrink mine and regret it. But I need an XL.

  3. Wim Says:

    I first read this as "SHART BLOWOUT II," alas for expectations.

  4. mothra Says:

    I'm going to Plano, TX tomorrow evening and I plan to bring the "None of This is OK" with me to wear it. Watch some wingnut heads explode.

  5. Stick Says:

    De-lurking to ask for another shot at the "everything is terrible" t-shirt. I am kicking myself for not jumping on it when I had the chance!

  6. Aurora S Says:

    I want one too!